2020-2021 Budget

On Tuesday, June 9, Valley Central School District residents approved a Budget of  $108,429,011 and held the budget to budget increase to 1.5%. It was the goal of this budget to review, reallocate and re-purpose resources to meet the District Strategic Goals.  Twelve positions were eliminated through attrition in this budget.

The 2020-21 VCSD Budget is one of the lowest budget-to-budget increases in VCSD budget history which can be found here.    

The Tax Levy stayed within the tax levy limit for 2020-21 at 2.86%.  The Tax Levy History can be found here.

Across the state, 99% of the school budgets for the 2020-21 school year that stayed within the tax cap were passed by voters according to the NYS School Boards Association. Valley Central was one of those districts. 

In this election, voters also approved:

Two seats on the board of education: Voters re-elected one incumbent and one new candidate to fill two seats on the Valley Central School District Board of Education. The elected members, in the order they appeared on the ballot, are Joseph Bond and Katie McKnight.

Three-Part Budget

Sources of Revenue 

State Aid: $35,645,649  (33%)
Tax Levy:  $63,403,532  (58%)
Other:         $9,379,820      (9%)


Program Budget: $88,773,568 (83%)

The Program Budget includes:  The salaries and benefits of all teachers, guidance counselors, aides, monitors, psychologists, nurses, social workers, and speech therapists. Also included are the costs associated with all the instruction and extra-curricular programs. 

Capital Budget: $9,676,066 (9%)

The Capital Budget includes: Debt service on buildings; bus purchases; tax certiorari and court-ordered costs; and operations and maintenance costs including custodial staff.

Administrative Budget: $8,979,377 (8%)

The Administrative Budget includes: The salaries and benefits of all professional members who spend 50 percent or more of their time in administration and supervision. Also included are:

  • clerical staff;
  • public information;
  • curriculum development and supervision;
  • research, planning, and evaluation;
  • legal services; and
  • school board-related costs.