Construction at VC

  • HS/MS Parking Lot Completion- Sept 2022

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UPDATE: November 2022

At the High School, the student/faculty parking lot has been totally reconstructed. 

•New drainage placed and lighting installed. 

•Additional shared front parking lot added.

Preliminary work is beginning on the second phase of the project which includes a full reconstruction of the entrance, exit, bus lane, sidewalks, and through traffic lanes. Major construction will be during the summer of 2023.

At Walden Elementary School, roof soffit repair is being completed.

The athletic field restroom facility is under construction and is expected to be open for the spring sports season.

The natatorium ceiling has been replaced and ventilation improvements are in progress.

What are we still working on? 

The auditorium lighting project is near complete.

Future Capital Repair Needs:

Boiler replacements
Security/vestibules at each building
Window/door replacements
Tennis court replacements

The shed near the stadium/outdoor fields has been demolished and the footings for the new restroom facility have been placed.

Construction of a restroom facility for large events near the stadium and outdoor fields. This will replace rented portable restrooms which are not sufficient to accommodate large outdoor eventsThe proposed restrooms would replace a storage shed and utilize existing utility lines to maximize cost savings
The maximum cost will not exceed $656,812. Reserve funds of $200,000 will be applied to this project. 
The total maximum cost for both propositions is $14,286,812 with an estimated  75.6% building aid from the State expected on eligible project expenses. $325,000 is being applied from the District’s Capital Reserve to reduce the tax impact. 

Soffit repair has begun at Walden Elementary and asbestos removal is underway.

This project was approved by the voters of 2021-2022 budget vote through a transfer to the Capital Fund in the amount of $390,000 for the repair.   An immediate repair to the Walden Elementary School roof is due to the deterioration of the concrete soffit. 


Capital Project 2021


These projects were approved by voters on May 18, 2021. 

Renovation and Reconstruction of High School and Middle School Facilities


The parent/visitor parking lot at the Middle School/High School complex is being totally reconstructed. The asphalt is being stripped at the old student parking lot and new drainage will be placed and lighting around the parking lot will be installed. The new parking lot is ready for pavement. Next summer reconstruction of the bus lane and parent drop-off area will be addressed. The district is waiting for NYS DOT approval for the right turn-only redesign when entering the Middle School/High School complex. The pool is currently closed for the summer as ventilation improvements are in progress. The pool ceiling has been removed. 

  • Redesign the entrance/exit and parking areas at the Valley Central Middle School/High School complex. The upcoming NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) project to install traffic lights and turn lanes on 17K will eliminate the High School’s main entrance.  (NYS DOT Traffic Light Project completed October 2021)
  • Reconfiguration of the bus lane and parent drop-off lane to create a safer environment for students being dropped off and picked up and improve the traffic flow 
  • A redesigned parent/visitor parking lot and improvement of the east parking lot at the HS to include resurfacing and installation of parking lot lighting for safety 
  • Improvements to the pool dehumidification system 
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades to the high school auditorium 
  • The maximum cost will not exceed $13.63 Million. Reserve funds of $125,000 will be applied to this project.