Cancellation of PSAT Exam

Please note that the PSAT exam scheduled for tomorrow, January 26, 2021 at Valley Central High School is now canceled, due to the predicted inclement weather.  All students will receive a refund of the registration fee.  


At this point, The College Board is not offering any additional future test dates for the PSAT.  We will continue to monitor this and will let you know if any changes to this plan arise.  


The PSAT serves as the route of entry into the National Merit Scholarship Program for 11th graders. 11th grade students (and those who are planning to graduate early in a 3-year timespan) will still have an opportunity to be considered for this scholarship program, but they must follow the steps outlined in this 2-page document, entitled-  Alternate Entry to the 2022 National Merit® Scholarship Program.


The PSAT is largely considered a practice exam for the SAT. Please find some helpful links here for additional practice opportunities for this standardized exam, as well as for the ACT. 


Refunds will be processed as soon as possible; the guidance office will reach out to parents and students with exact details.  Thank you for your understanding, and please contact your child’s counselor with any questions that you may have.