Class of 2021-Senior Portrait Dates Available for August



Although initially, Legacy Studios planned on holding portrait sessions in the fall, we have been able to arrange some summer portrait dates for our incoming seniors. There are, of course, multiple safety measures set in place, so please be mindful of these guidelines when scheduling your appointment. 

  1. Because photographers must be given 6 feet of distance at all times, students MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian. It will be the parent’s responsibility to help arrange clothing, hair, etc. since the photographer will not have any contact with the student. 
  2. While jackets and drapes are shared, students must wear their own white dress shirts and tank tops underneath studio props to minimize contact. Parent helpers must also, upon removal of studio prop, sanitize the item with studio-provided disinfectant, which meets all CDC guidelines. 
  3. Students will not be allowed entry into the school without an adult. Both students and parents must wear masks at all times, except when being photographed. 
  4. Traditional portrait dress code still applies. Please remove all face piercings. No theatrical or distracting face makeup will be allowed. 
  5. While on school property, please do not gather. Respect others’ privacy, and leave the school building as soon as your session has finished. 
  6. Due to the current pandemic, if choosing NOT to wear the provided tuxedo jacket and drape, students must wear comparable items of their own choice. In place of the tuxedo, please wear a dark (black or navy) suit jacket over a white shirt with a dark tie. If replacing the drape, please wear a dark blouse or dress. No strapless tops or dresses. 

The following dates are available for scheduling: Monday, August 17th through Friday, August 21st and Monday, August 31st from 9am-4pm. 

Call Legacy Studios or go online to schedule your appointment ( or the VC direct link, 1-716-512-6336).


If you are not able to attend these dates, appointments are still planned for October. That information will be shared with students at a later date, along with information about parent ads for the yearbook. Please contact Mrs. Kelleher with any questions related to Senior Portraits at