COVID FAQs-January 8, 2021

If my child was 100% online before the Pause are they now hybrid?

Students remain on the teams they chose prior to the Pause, so Team Online is still 100% remote, while Team In-Person returns each day and Team 1 returns on Monday and Thursday and Team 2 on Tuesday and Friday.


If my child was hybrid before the Pause can they become 100 % online?

Yes, we can switch a student from Hybrid to 100% online.


What are the Teams again?

Team 100% Online- These students have chosen to work 100% remote everyday

Team In-Person- Our self-contained students, and our students at ALC attend school at the buildings everyday

Team 1 and 2 are sorted by last name, keeping families with blended names together.

Team 1:  A-L: Attend school buildings on Monday and Thursday; (Remote other days)

Team 2:  M-Z: Attend school buildings on Tuesday and Friday (Remote other days)


Why is Team 1 going all the Wednesdays in February, but not Team 2?

We are counting the number of days that each of the Teams has the opportunity to physically go to school.  As things are right now, Team 1 has not had the same amount of days in the buildings.   Having Team 1 only attend on the Wednesdays in February will help to balance the number of days. 

We plan to alternate the Wednesdays between Team 1 and 2 beginning in March.  We will post a calendar as well as email a calendar to parents, and ask teachers to post the calendar in Google Classrooms. We will also post announcements on our website and FB to let parents know which team comes in on the Wednesday of that week.  It is our goal to get our students back into their physical classrooms as soon, and as safely, as possible.


Are we now in a yellow, orange or red zone?

As of January 8, 2021, we are not. 


Who declares whether or not we are in a yellow, orange, or red zone?

State officials will make that decision.  We will make announcements should such a decision be made to explain how that will affect VC. Follow the NYS COVID Dashboard on the web.


When will testing at VC begin?

We do not have to test unless we are declared a yellow or orange zone. We do have to be prepared for that possibility.

If we are declared a yellow zone, we must test 20% of the students and staff weekly. If we are declared an orange zone, we must test 30% of the students and staff weekly. 

If we are declared in a red zone, we will return to 100% remote instruction. 


Can my child be tested without my permission?



Can staff members be tested without their permission?

No, staff members need to give consent to be tested.  


How do I give consent to have my child tested?

VC Covid Test Form and the HIPAA Release Form are available on our website on the Health Services page.


Why has the number of quarantine days been reduced from 14 to 10?

We follow the guidelines of the OC Dept. of Health and this is their latest guideline


Has the protocol been changed if there is COVID exposure in the district? 

No, the protocol remains the same as it has been as per our VC Reopening Plan -Health and Safety