Parent Circle

Parent Circle is created for parents/guardians and caregivers of children with special needs. 

Parent Circle provides assistance and workshops on topics that relate to the common challenges faced by children and families living with special needs.   

Traditionally, the group has met in-person monthly; however, this year, due to safety protocols relating to COVID 19, we will be posting videos, resources, and information here. 

New information will be posted monthly on specific topics such as behavior, virtual learning, and communication along with a contact person in that area of expertise for any additional questions or concerns. 

We will also be providing opportunities every other month for parents to gather together virtually for an hour in the evening to share experiences, gain support, celebrate successes, and express feelings over challenges and frustrations. 

This year, more than ever, we need to find ways to connect personally with one another. 

 The 2020-2021 Parent Circle monthly workshops/resources are found here. 

If you would like a listing of local youth mental health services, please email with your request. 

Orange County Resources

Helpful List of Children’s Services in Orange County- Contact Phone Numbers

Orange County Directory of Family Support Services Programs

Orange County Developmental Disabilities Services

Parent Education Programs from Cornell Cooperative Extension (Orange County)