•               Welcome to our Special Education Department
    2016-2017 School Year 
    CHAIRPERSON: Barbara Palmer
    Extension 17651             
    Collaborative English 10   

    Lisa Aguilera-Ingleson

    Extension 19184             
    Collaborative English 9
    Special Class English 10
    Special Class English 9 AIS

    Extension 19223             
    Collaborative Global History II
    Special Class Economics & Government
    Collaborative Earth Science 

    Katie Farrugia  

    Extension 19234            
    Collaborative Common Core Algebra L & LR 
    Special Class Common Core Algebra L
    Special Class Common Core Algebra LR
    Extension 19354             
    Life Skills 9-12

    Extension 19276             
    Collaborative Living Environment & Earth Science

    Extension 19328
    Collaborative Financial Algebra
    Special Class Common Core Algebra 
    Special Class Financial Algebra
    Extension 19331            
    Collaborative & Special Class English 9

    Extension 19377 
    Collaborative & Special Class Elements of Science
    Extension 19365             
    Collaborative & Special Class English 11
    Extension 19427             
    Collaborative Global I & II, Special Class English 12
    Extension 19366              
    Collaborative & Special Class Global History I

    Extension 19020              
    Collaborative & Special Class Earth Science

    Extension 19393             
    Collaborative & Special Class Living Environment 

    Extension 19179
    Basic Skills 11-12
    Teacher of the Hearing Impaired
    Extension 19614              
    Common Core Algebra LS
    Common Core Algebra LC
    Common Core Algebra LRS
    Common Core Algebra LRC  
    Extension 19142              
    Special Class Global History II
    Collaborative Global History II
    Collaborative US History
    Extension 19470             
    Basic Skills 9-10

    Extension 19090             
    Collaborative Common Core Algebra L
    Collaborative Common Core Algebra LR 
    Collaborative Geometry
    Extension 19375             
    Special Class English 9
    Collaborative English 11
    Special Class English 11 
    Collaborative Common Core Algebra LCR
    Extension 19489            
    Special Class English 12
    Collaborative English AIS 9
    Collaborative English 10
    Special Class Reading 
    Extension 19047              
    Collaborative & Special Class US History