• The 2020 Bronfman Fellowship is an extraordinary opportunity for Jewish 11th-graders that begins with a free, five-week summer in Israel.  Applications are due by December 1. We’re looking for people with a diverse set of backgrounds, talents, and interests, who can bring many different perspectives to the group, and who want to explore their Jewish identity in an intellectually stimulating environment.


    Applications Are Open for the 2020 Bronfman Fellowship

    Every year, twenty-six outstanding North American teenagers are selected as Bronfman Fellows. The highlight of the Fellowship is a free transformative and intellectually adventurous summer in Israel, where Fellows engage in thought-provoking study and conversation and make lifelong friends with a pluralistic group of peers. Their high-caliber educators focus on teaching a broad range of traditional and contemporary Jewish texts at a university level. Fellows encounter the land and people of Israel, study major issues in contemporary Jewish life, meet with some of today's most influential figures, and learn about themselves and each other. The Fellowship year continues with monthly virtual meetings and a seminar in the spring. Fellows continue their association with the Fellowship through an extraordinarily active, 1200+ alumni community. 


    We’re not just looking for students with the best grades or academic record.  We are also looking for:

    1.     Teens you enjoy having conversations with because they have unique, insightful things to say.
    2.     Teens who ask intelligent, thought-provoking questions – they want to learn for the sake of learning.
    3.     Teens who excel outside of the classroom setting – e.g., in art programs or clubs, dance, creative writing, sports teams, etc. 
    4.     Teens with strong character and emotional maturity.
    5.     Teens who are influencers – in other words, they are positive role models for their peers, who look up to and respect them.

    Eligible teens can learn more and apply at our website (bronfman.org). If you know of some great candidates who meet some or all of the above criteria, please also send their names and emails to ava.charne@bronfman.org