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    National English Honor Society

    Advisers: Deborah McKenney &

           Helen Menendez


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    The National English Honor Society was founded several years ago by Sigma Tau Delta at Northern Illinois University. It is the only national organization exclusively for high school students who, in the field of English, merit special note for past and current accomplishments.

    Valley Central was accepted into the NEHS in 2014-2015 and ran our first year as a charter society. In 2015-2016 we became a formal honor society that can now recognize those students who have worked hard to establish themselves as capable and conscientious English students. 

    In order to be selected- the members must have achieved at least a “90” overall average in all subjects, as well as a “90” average in English for 9th and 10th grade. Students become first eligible to join in the fall of their junior year.

    Valley Central currently has 150 active members - what an impressive accomplishment!


    This group will pledge the National English Honor Society motto which is “Duty goes with Honor.” Service to peers, school and community are part and parcel of this mission. At Valley Central, National English Honor Society members perform their school service and duty through their active membership by documenting the submission of at least one original piece of writing to one of the following activities relating to language and literature:

      The Newspaper- the Viking Voice,

      The Literary Magazine -Revelation,

      The school Yearbook- the Viking Log,

      The 1st Annual HS Poetry Writing Contest,

      The Poetry Slam,

    and  qualified activities such as active participation in NEHS meetings, committees, and NEHS approved service work. 


    Members must maintain a 90 average in throughout the year to maintain membership. If the member's English grade falls below 90, she/he will be placed on probation.  If the member's English average falls below 90 in two consecutive grading periods, she/he will lose active membership status. Students must also complete 6 hours of community service and submit an original piece of writing for publication to maintain active status.  



  • Committees

    • MS Music Journal  (monthly)    

    • Club Fair  (Nov. 20-21)

    • #WhyWrite (December)

    • Postcard Pick-Me-Up (January)

    • Spoken Word Poetry Worshop (February-March)

    • Poetry Slam Registrations (March)

    • Poetry Slam Ticketing (April)

    • Cords & Awards (May)

    • Membership (ongoing)

    • Senior Executive Council (on-going)

    • Junior Executive Council (on-going)

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  •  Senior Executive Council

    Ginakachi Anyene

    Mary Marrero

    Madison Matos

    Dallia Phillips

    Alexis Widas

    Junior Executive Council