• Chef

                              Welcome to Family and Consumer Science! 


    Hi!  My name is Samantha Eull and I am so excited to be teaching all of the culinary courses here at VC! Those courses include the pre-requistite for all culinary courses which is Food and Nutrition Core as well as Food Prep and Nutrition, Global and Gourmet Foods-The Americas & Global and Gourmet Foods- International Cuisine. These advanced courses, all one semester long, offer a variety of information and skills to prepare students for the future. 

    A little information about me:

    I am a graduate of Valley Central and I am excited to be back here as a teacher! I received my bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Psychology from SUNY Empire State College, and I received my graduate degree from SUNY Oswego where I studied Family and Consumer Science K-12.

    My grade book is available through the parent portal which I encourage you to use. Parents, it is important that students practice what they learn in class so please allow them to assist you in the kitchen. If you have a special recipe you would like to share, please feel free to send it in or demo it for the class. 
    You may contact me by phone at 457-2400 ext. 19153.  Please leave a message.
    I can also be reached through e-mail at samantha.eull@valleycentralschools.org
    I will also be holding my Collegial Periods on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:55 to 7:22 am.

                                                                         Have a great year!