Welcome to
    Ms.Brown's first grade class
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    June 5 - Early dismissal

    June 7 - PTA Annual Kick-off to Summer, 6:00 

    June 11-15 - Summer Book Drive

    June 12 - Mad-Science (in house "Field Trip")

    June 14 - Field Day! 1st grade wears red

    June 17 - Rain date for field day

    June 21-26 - Half days

    June 26 - Last day of school/ Report cards sent home


     ABC Countdown to Summer!

    May 16 - Animal Print Day: Wear your favorite animal print today.

    May 17 - Bubbles Day: Bring bubbles to enjoy at recess.

    May 20 - Chalk Day: Bring chalk to use during recess.

    May 21 - Donut Day: We will have donuts for snack.

    May 22 - Extra Recess Day: We will enjoy 15 min. of extra recess today!

    May 29 - Favorite Color Day: Come to school dressed in your favorite color

    May 30 - Game Day: Your teacher will teach you a new game today.

    May 31 - Hat Day: Wear a hat to school.

    June 3 - Ice Pop Day: We will enjoy ice pops for snacks.

    June 4 - Joke Day: Bring a joke to share with the class.

    June 5 - Kindness Day: We will practice being kind today.

    June 6 - Lollipop Day: Enjoy a lollipop while learning today.

    June 7 - Marshmallow Day: We will be building with marshmallows today!

    June 10 - Next Year Day: We will visit a 2nd-grade classroom.

    June 11 - Outside Day: We will enjoy reading outside today.

    June 12 - Picnic Day: Pack a towel or blanket we will be eating outside! (Yes, you can still buy lunch)

    June 13 - Q-tip Paint Day: We will be painting with q-tips today.

    June 14 - Red Day: All first graders will wear red for field day today!

    June 17 - Summer Birth Day: We will be celebrating all our summer birthdays today!

    June 18 - Treasure Day: Bring your favorite treasure to show the class. We will send a small bag for the treasure to fit in.

    June 19 - USA Day: Wear red, white, and blue.

    June 20 - Video Day: We will enjoy a movie today.

    June 21 - Watermelon Day: We will be making a watermelon keepsake book today!

    June 24 - Xtra Day: We will enjoy an extra treat today!

    June 25 - You’re Wonderful Day: You will see just how wonderful you are today.

    June 26 - Zoom off to summer break!


    First grade is an exciting year full of learning, growing and exploring!

    Contact Information:
    Please feel free to contact me
    by voicemail at 457-2400 ext: 19245
    or email at katherine.brown@valleycentralschools.org 
    You can also send me a note in your child's communication folder, which is checked each morning.