Students are assigned lockers the first day of school.
     It is required that students have a school approved lock on their hallway lockers.
    A school approved lock is one that has been purchased from the Middle School store or the High School store/ main office. These locks are currently being sold for $6 (at cost).
    The reason for this is safety- these locks are specifically ordered from Master Lock and have a key hole in the back so that in case of an emergency the special key can be used by Administration or emergency personnel to access the locker. The keys are not included with the locks as they are given to us through the company based upon the lock code.
    Students are continuously informed of this procedure throughout the first weeks of school. The information is also contained in the Student Handbook.
    If students fail to place the approved school lock on the locker, locks will be removed and contents of the locker safeguarded for the student.
    Students are not allowed to share lockers or place their belongings in any locker other than their own. If students disregard this procedure, those lockers will be opened with a master key or with a bolt cutter with or without notice. Items will be bagged, labeled and placed in the main office for retrieval
Last Modified on December 29, 2019