The Business Education Department will be offering a series of workshops during post session to help enhance the students’ skills for the workplace and college. This school year we will be offering the following 3 workshops in Room 101 with the topics (additional topics may be discussed) below:


    Interviewing Skills - February 7, 2019

    ·         Prior research

    ·         Coming prepared

                      o   questions

                      o   documents to bring to the interview

    ·         Proper business attire

    ·         Initial introduction

    ·         Posture

    ·         Soft skills


    Resume Writing – March 7, 2019

    ·         Cover letter

    ·         Resume format/template

    ·         White space

    ·         References


    Tax Forms at Work/Taxes – April 4, 2019

    ·         What is a W-4 form

    ·         How to fill out on the W-4 form

    ·         What is the I-9 from

    ·         Exemptions




    21ST Century Skills

    The Business Education department is comprised of business education certified teachers with a variety of corporate experience prior to teaching. The experienced teachers not only brings knowledge but experience into the classroom so students can develop the knowledge, skills, and professional practices necessary to be college and career ready. Business education assists students with enhancing their 21 Century skills and developing the soft skills required to be successful in the workforce. Business Education provides students with the foundation to pursue programs such as business administration, management, ownership, accounting, marketing, and finance. Course cluster groups are offered so students can focus in one area of business or take various electives that would apply to specific areas of interest.

    Department Chairperson:

    Ms. Becker


    Mrs. LaVallie

    Jaclyn Tannazzo 


    Business Education Courses Offered:

    Accounting – 1 credit

    Business Ownership – ½ credit

    Career & Financial Management – 1 credit

    Corporate Communications & Technology – 1 credit

    Introduction to Business – ½ credit

    Principles of Marketing (Marketing 101) – 1 credit

    Macroeconomics (Econ 101) – ½ credit

    Sports & Entertainment Marketing – 1 credit