• Hello ! My name is Dia Georgiou and I am a District School Psychologist at Valley Central.  My office is housed in the Alternative Learning Center  building (ALC).



    I wear a few hats in the district with part of my job being supporting the students at ALC. I also serve as the Psychologist for our District of Location students. These are students that attend private school within the Valley Central School District's borders, including but not limited to Harmony Christian School, Montgomery Montessori and Most Precious Blood. I also do testing for our students placed out of district in settings like BOCES and Astor. Prior to my current possition in the district, I was the School Psychologist at Walden Elementary for 2 years. 

     I can be contacted at (845) 457-2400 ext. 13642 or email- dia.georgiou@valleycentralschools.org