• Lead by: Mr. Daniel Walker

    High School Music Teacher



    All present/ future VCHS Pep Band Members!


    I hope your summer vacation was amazing and relaxing! With the year about to begin, I hope you are still excited to begin our new journey together as a Pep band.  


    This year will be a bit more challenging as far as getting up and running.  With current conditions, I will be announincg the first meeting over the announcements at school.  

    As far as actual games go, I understand some of you are involved in sports and may have away games the night of, or work, or other things. Even if you can’t make it by 6, we would still love if you came and jumped right in when you get back.

    Please let me know of these conflicts ASAP! 

    Rehearsals:  We will be meeting post sessions.  As the year goes on, we may meet once a week.  But for the first two weeks of school, we will need to meet about 3 times before our first game.  This will be our schedule for the next two weeks:



    After this, hopefully we can move to once a week, but that depends on how much you practice yourselves!

    For those that would like to join, just send me an email or come see me!


    This is not a class, it is a club.  But I expect you to treat this the same way you would as if it were Voxtones or the Musical.  Communication is key!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

    As of 9/6/2018