• Valley Central High School Health Syllabus

    2018/2019 School Year

    Email: adam.sontag@valleycentralschools.org


    Overview: The High School Health class at Valley Central High School is every school day for 1 semester (Quarters 1&2) or (Quarters 3&4). The class is designed to teach students about a variety of Health education topics and to teach students the tools to make health conscious decisions after they graduate. This course is a requirement for graduation.

    Attendance: Students can not miss more than 9 days of classes of instruction per semester. If missed class instruction is not made up, the student will not receive credit for the course.


    Makeup: There will be opportunity for students to make up missed class instruction throughout the semester. Students can stay post session Tuesday-Friday (by appointment) they should sign in to receive credit for made up absences. Also I have collegial hours Tuesday and Thursday morning 6:55-7:25 am (by appointment) where students can make up missed instruction.


    Grading: Students will be grading on 3 categories:

    Participation   10%:(Do Nows, and class discussions)

    Classwork    30%:(Assignments, group work)

    Projects, Quizes, Test:   60%

    At the end of each quarter there will be a cumulative test (Midterm, Final)


    Healthy lifestyle/habits(Intro)
    Substance Abuse
    Pregnancy & Aging
    Mental Health
    Also any current events that occur in the field of Health