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  • Classes:

    P1-2 Earth Science

    P4-5 Living Environment

    P5-6 - Earth Science

    P8-9 Living Environment


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    Voicemail Extension: x19240

    Email: Andrew.Zunich@valleycentralschools.org

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    Collegial Hours:

    By Appointment


    Tuesday: 2:25pm - 2:55pm

    Thursday: 2:25pm - 2:55pm



  • Classroom Expectations:

    In every class, there is an expectation to arrive on time and follow not only the code of conduct, but the classroom rules that are signed off on at the beginning of the year. Students are expected to respect one another and to work collaboratively while trying to keep outside issues outside of the classroom setting. Students that come willing to learn, with their materials, and with a positive attitude will find success in the classroom. Labs are not an optional part of the course, but accomodations can be made for alternative labs/materials, when deemed appropriate. In order to be elligible to sit for the NYSLiving Environment Regents, students must complete 1200 minutes of labs (including 4 mandatory state requireed labs) and satisfactory lab reports. 


    Philosophy of Education:

    Every student is capable of learning and of achieving great things. All students should share the same educational oppertunities and be given the same amount of attention and respect, no matter their ability level. All students' opinions matter and are respected. Education is not a solo act, but requires collaboration between peers and allowing students every oppertunity to apply what they have learned. Science is a subject of inquiry-based thinking and thus requires learning through action, trial and error, and learning from one's own mistakes. 


    "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think" - Albert Einstein


    "The important thing is to never stop questioning" - Albert Einstein

  • Mr. Zunich is a Special Education Science Teacher at Valley Central high school. After graduating Mount Saint Mary College with a Bachelor's of Arts in Biology, minor in Psychology, and certificates in Special Education and Biology 7-12, he returned to the Mount to complete a Masters in Science in Adolescent Literacy. During high school and college, Mr. Zunich was a multi-sport athlete, participating in varsity football in high school, track & field and cross country in both high school and college, and swimming in college. He continues to enjoy following and participating in multiple sports as well as local races. He also enjoys hiking, fishing, cooking, and gardening.