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    OPALS Catalogs 


    Use this link to search the public library holdings in the Rockland and Orange county libraries. You can have books sent to your local public library if you have a Public Library Card and know your PIN. It's easy! Open the library link for the library where you'd like to pick up the book. If the library has the book, no problem. If the book is held in another library, you will see it in the catalog. Use the request button and make a request. Remember, you will need your public library card number and your PIN. 
    If you do not have a public library card, we really recommend you get one. But, if you need a book, please ask for help to get the book you need.

    Click Here to Access the Catskill Ramapo Library


    Students who are enrolled in OCCC courses can access the electronic resources through this site. 

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