Art Honor Society (NART)

    Requirements:92 or above average and exemplary character and service in the art classroom. Credit in Studio Art or Draw and Design 

    The National Art Honor Society, otherwise known as NART, is an organization consisting of the best and brightest artists of Valley Central High School. The top students of each teacher are nominated at the end of each school and inducted at the Festival of the Arts in May. Throughout the school year these students hold fundraisers to raise money for scholarships, contribute to the community through storefront paintings and murals, go on a bus trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC on a Saturday in May and run workshops where they teach one another art skills they are interested in.

    Business and Marketing Honor Society 

    Requirements:Students must be currently enrolled in business/marketing (fall and/or spring) • Seniors: Must complete 3 units in business/marketing by the end of the current school year • Juniors: Must complete 2 units in business/marketing by the end of the current school year (student should be planning to continue for at least one additional credit prior to graduation) Minimum Criteria: Unweighted GPA Business/Marketing Courses: 88% Unweighted GPA Overall: 80% Additional Criteria: Students selected for recognition will have also demonstrated both in the classroom and through extracurricular involvement: • Character (evidenced by teachers attesting to this quality) • Leadership (evidenced by committee chair positions, officer/chair or other lead positions in student organizations, civic/community leadership roles, etc.) • Service (evidenced by volunteer activities in the school and/or community, etc.)

    The primary purpose of the Business and Marketing Honor Society of New York State (BHS) is to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in business education at the secondary level. Students must be currently enrolled in at least one business education (fall and/or spring) course.  Seniors must complete 3 units in Business Education by the end of the current school year. Sophomores and Juniors must complete 2 units in Business Education by the end of the current school year and should be planning to enroll in at least one additional unit prior to graduation. Students must achieve a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 (80 percent/B), and a minimum GPA of 3.5 (88 percent/B+) in Business Education courses. Students should also demonstrate exemplary Character, Leadership, and Service in the classroom as well as in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

    English Honor Society

    Requirements: To be invited for membership students must have at least 90 CUM & 90 ENG AVG

    The National English Honor Society was founded several years ago by Sigma Tau Delta at Northern Illinois University. It is the only national organization exclusively for high school students who, in the field of English, merit special note for past and current accomplishments.

    In order to be selected- the members must have achieved at least a “90” overall average in all subjects, as well as a “90” average in English for 9th and 10th grade. Students become first eligible to join in the fall of their junior year.

    This group will pledge the National English Honor Society motto which is “Duty goes with Honor.” Service to peers, school and community are part and parcel of this mission. At Valley Central, National English Honor Society members perform their school service and duty through their active membership and in participating in at least one of the following activities relating to language and literature:  The Newspaper- the Viking Voice,  The Literary Magazine -Revelation, The school Yearbook- the Viking Log, or through tutoring, working or participating at the poetry slam, helping at the book fairs or through various outreach opportunities  that we have available in our community and middle school.

    French Honor Society 

    Requirements:  Candidates must be enrolled in the fourth semester of French or higher, i.e. the second semester of Level II or the equivalent in quarters or trimesters.Candidates must be in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade of high school. Exception is made for 9th grade students who meet the requirement "c" above because of work at the middle school level. Transfer students must have spent at least one full semester in the high school before becoming eligible.Selection of candidates may take place at any time during the academic year. Scholastic Eligibility Requirements to be met by all students:Candidates must have maintained an A- average in French during the semester of selection, as well as an averaged cumulative grade of A- for all work awarded secondary school credit..Candidates must have maintained a B average or higher in all other subjects during the semester of selection, as well as an averaged cumulative grade of B- in all other subjects for work awarded secondary school credit. French may not be used to calculate this average.

    You may be asked to join this Honor Society after completing French B1 and maintaining an 85 overall average and a 90 French average.  We try to put a little French culture into the school, i.e. movie night, bowling, French signs; and increase enrollments for the French classes.  We do some fundraising for scholarships for our graduating members.  If you are a member of good standing throughout your membership you can purchase a cord for graduation.

    Gradus Honoris 

    Requirements:Scholarship: Maintain a GPA of 92 or greater from freshman year through the end of the 1st semester of their junior year. Character: Demonstrate and provide evidence of good moral character in and out of school. Service: Demonstrate evidence of service to our school and community. Leadership: Demonstrate an ability to be a leader in the community. Students are not necessarily required to hold positions of leadership (club office, team captain, etc.) but show evidence of leading by example and being a good role model for others to emulate.

    Gradus Honoris is our local branch of the National Honor Society.  It is a service organization based upon the four pillars of the National Honor Society:  Scholarship, Service, Character and Leadership.  Students in Gradus Honoris work throughout the year within the school and our local community to help through tutoring programs and volunteering.


    History Honor Society 

    Requirements: 90 overall and 90 in social studies for entrance.

    Valley Central has a chapter of Rho Kappa, the National Social Studies Honor Society. Students must have a minimum overall average of 90 AND an average of 90 in Social Studies courses to qualify for membership. Members complete at least 10 hours yearly of service and/or scholarship. We raise money to fund activities and donate money and time to local organizations such as the Hudson Valley Honor Flight. 


    Math Honor Society

    Requirements: A candidate must have successfully completed at least three years of high school or college level Math. Algebra 1, taken in eight grade, counts as one year. Candidates shall have a minimum overall average of 90% in all completed Math classes and must maintain an average of 90% in current Math classes. Members must tutor a peer in the subject of mathematics at least twice a month from October through May. Each member should have a total of 16 or moretutoring sessions for the year.

    Students must meet specific requirements to qualify to apply for membership.  They must have completed 3 years of High School level math with an overall final average of 90 or better. Three faculty recommendations must be submitted.  They must be taking math to maintain membership.  Each member is required to tutor at least twice a month.

    Science Honor Society 

    Requirements: Candidates must have an overall scholastic average of 90% and shall satisfy at least two of the four following requirements:  Completed Living environment have a minimum grade of 90% in class averages and on Regents exam.  Completed Earth science classes, have a minimum grade of 90% in class averages and on Regents exam. Completed Regents Chemistry, have a minimum grade of 85% in class averages and on Regents exams. Completed Regents Physics, have a minimum grade of 85% in class averages and on Regents exams.

    The first statewide science honor society in the United States is the STANYS-supported New York State Science Honor Society. Established in 1991, it is also endorsed by the New York State Science Supervisors Association and the New York State Assembly. Its purpose is to encourage an interest and understanding of science and science-related careers, as well as to recognize the academic achievement in science of high school students. Students who are members are enthused about research, participate in science related activities, have demonstrated achievement in science learning, are service-minded, and present excellent personal character.

    The Valley Central High School’s SNHS club works on community service projects. We established a science outreach program at our local elementary schools, encouraging children to be interested in science. We go to elementary schools after post sessions and put on interesting demonstrations of all science subjects for kids.

    Outside our school district, we take part in Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  We raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. We also participate in Lap 4 Life foundation events.  This organization is a non-profit organization created to raise money and awareness for Desmoid Tumors and Organ Transplant Research. 

    Spanish Honor Society

    Requirements: For the Spanish Honor Society, students must have an overall average of 85% or higher and a 90% or higher in High School Spanish. Students must also be enrolled in Spanish C1.

    The Spanish Honor Society is an academic honor society that incorporates learning a new language as well as a new way of life. Acknowledging other cultures opens your eyes to the world around you. Members of the honor society are dedicated to promoting foreign language learning. Included in SHS activities are tutoring in addition to the popular Sweetheart Serenades. Members of the honor society recognize the Foreign Language Department for guiding them through their high school foreign language journey.  Please visit the SHS website for requirements for membership.

    Tri-M Honor Society

    Requirements: Students must currently be enrolled in the 10th – 12th grades. Students must have completed at least one (1) full credit from any of the following performing ensembles: Chamber Choir, Women’s Choir, Mixed Chorus, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band or Concert Band. Students must currently be a member in good standing in one or more of the mentioned ensembles. Grades and Scholarship: 90% average in music 80% average in all other academic subjects.

    This is an organization that is affiliated with the National chapter.  Students must submit an application in October and meet strict guidelines to acquire membership.  Once inducted into this honor society they become lifelong members.  As high school members students must fulfill a minimum of 8 volunteer/service hours back to the community in the form of music involvement.  For example, students sing in their church choirs, volunteer to help with district wide concerts as ushers and some tutor younger performers to help with individual instrumental skills and or music theory skills. Tri-M meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the chorus room. Members are required to attend the yearly Cabaret held in May as this is the organizations only fundraiser.