• Cultural Diversity Club

    Advisor: Mr. Kurland

    The mission of this club is to provide students a place to gather and exchange information and ideas about each other’s cultures in order to establish an understanding and appreciation of other cultures.  Students can openly share knowledge and facts and discuss racial issues, thereby, clarify and/or rectify cultural myths and stereotypes. This is open to all students.

    Environmental Club

    Advisors: Ms. Bilodeau & Ms. Guercio

    The Environmental Club is a year-long club designed to foster an appreciation for the natural world and to get students involved in creating a more sustainable school and community. The club will embrace both a scientific and artistic perspective. Combined, the club will be more effective at promoting ecological awareness and action. Project goals include, setting waste reduction goals in school, creating a school vegetable garden, starting a recycling and composting program, community clean up, providing environmental education. 

    For The Animals

    Advisor: Mrs. Teig-Morris

    Meeting Time: Tuesdays, Post Session (not every Tuesday)

    Meeting Location: Room 99

    The mission of 'For the Animals' is to provide service to the Humane Society of Walden for the animals in their care. Students volunteer to help with fundraisers with the proceeds or goods and services benefiting the humane society.  Our Annual Food and Supply Drive is held every October. Some students volunteer at the Humane Society of Walden in the morning on weekends to help out at the shelter to provide community service. 


    Advisor: Ms. Speranzo

    Meeting Time: Alternating Tuesdays, Post Session, by morning announcement

    Meeting Location: Library

    Mission: We want to educate our community to help people better understand the LBGT+ and to honor our shared humanity respectfully and compassionately. We also want to create a supportive link between the LBGT+ community and our allies.  Our club events and activities include: Club meetings, Allies Week, No Name-Calling Week, A Day of Silence, Mentors in Violence Prevention Workshop.


    Advisors: Mr. Kemp & Ms. Bruna

    Meeting Time: Monthly, by morning announcement

    Meeting Location: Room 116

    The Interact Club is a volunteer organization that works with the local Rotary Club. Our goal is to support the community with Food, Coat and Shoe drives throughout the school year. We also work very closely with the Backpack Snack attack program in our district.

    VC Dream

    Advisors: Mrs. Smallwood & Ms. Sinn

    Meeting Time: Tuesdays (2x month), Post Session, by morning announcement

    Meeting Location: Room 108

    VC DREAM is an Alcohol and Other  Drug (AOD) prevention group run by students. It is also our SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) chapter. We sponsor Sober Night Out each year and provide information and activities to students about the dangers of all drug use and the importance of making healthy decisions. We meet at least twice a month usually on Tuesdays post sessions. This club is open to all students.

    Volunteer Club

    Advisor: Ms. Hernandez

    Meeting Time: 2nd Wednesday/month, Post Session

    Meeting Location: Room 101

    The Valley Central Volunteer Club's mission is for students to be involved in the community (both local and school based) through service activities. We hope to encourage the active civic involvement of students in the school. We have a minimum requirement of 20 hours per school year to remain an active member.

    The Volunteer Club reaches out to the community and helps out at all of the elementary schools that are a part of the district. We enjoy taking on as many projects as possible and getting as many members involved. This club is always ready to help, and is a very dedicated group of students at the high school. The members also do volunteer work outside of school. We chair different projects and events that the outside community reaches out for volunteers.  This club is a very active group and takes pride in their commitment. On-going volunteer work and meeting dates are on the bulletin board outside of room 101. Sign-ups are always posted in the back of room 101.

    We Inspire Strength and Empowerment (W.I.S.E.)

    Advisor: Mrs. Stoll

    The W.I.S.E. club gives a safe space for the men and women of Valley Central to work to build up and empower the young women of our school. Together, we will work on leadership skills, career and resume advancement, networking, healthy relationships, building self-confidence, and financial management skills. Any student at Valley Central High School is encouraged to join this club.