Teacher teams allow teachers the opportunity to support their students better academically and socially. We look at teams as a "school within a school". Teacher teams have regular meetings to discuss how they can best support students. 

    Blue 6 Faculty

    Carolyn Thorp
    Lisa DeBeauvernet
    Bridget Demar
    Merry Zapka
    Dana DeMasi

    Karen Gonyo, Roberta Betanzos, Kristen Thomas, Danielle Weddell


    Gold 6 Faculty

    Kimberly Ronaldson
    Aileen Swift
    Lisa York
    Carrie Burns
    Wendy Treiland


    Green 6 Faculty

    Derek DeVoe
    Andrea Turso
    Dakota Jennings
    Jennifer Jackson

    Anne McGovern,  Jacqueline Stafford, Laurene Williams