• Teacher teams allow teachers the opportunity to support their students better academically and socially. We look at teams as a "school within a school". Teacher teams have regular meetings to discuss how they can best support students. 


    Blue 8 Faculty

    Laurie Cauthers
    Timothy Faulkner
    Jonna Stone-Tsoucalas
    Terri Weiss
    Kristen Williams

    Karen Gonyo, Roberta Betanzos

    Gold 8 Faculty

    Joseph Collins
    Betty Gaudette
    William Gunther
    Joanna Sandve
    DonnaMarie McCarthy

    Toni Holbrook, Kristina Van Vlack

    Green 8 Faculty

    Kelly Chadwick
    Vincent Fino
    Heather Martin
    Melanie Monda
    Valerie Grippo

    Anne McGovern, Jacqueline Stafford, Laurene Williams