• Testing Schedule 2020

    January 2020 ~ We are now in the second half of the academic year and the New York State Assessments in English Language
    Arts (ELA), Mathematics and Science are just around the corner.

    In fact, NYS requires schools to participate in computer-based test simulations for ELA and Math prior to the administration of the actual assessments.

    The first one will take place later this month.

    Below is the complete testing schedule including test simulation dates and the NYS assessments.

    Please note that the ELA and Math assessments are two days this year and will be administered on Chromebooks. It is very
    important that students are present on these days.

    ELA: Grades 6-8: Test Simulation-1/28/2020

    ELA: Grades 6-8: Test: Thursday, March 26 and Friday, March 27

    ELA Test Make-Up Days: March 30 through April 4

    MATH: Grades 6-8: Test Simulation 2/11/2020

    MATH: Grades 6-8: Test: Wednesday, April 22 and Thursday, April 23

    MATH Test Make-Up Days: April 24 through April 30

    SCIENCE: Grade 8: Performance Test: May 18 through May 29

    SCIENCE: Grade 8: Written Test: June 1

    SCIENCE Written Test make Up Days: June 2 and June 3

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