Student Assistance Counselor

    DASA Coordinator

    James Hession, (CASAC)

    Ext. 17647


    The Student Assistance Program is a comprehensive school based service that is confidential and non-punitive.  It is for students who: 

    • use alcohol and other drugs and want help
    • have friends or family with alcohol and other drug problems
    • are having problems in school due to out of school issues
    • have returned from an in-patient setting and need help with transition
    • are experiencing stress or loss and may be at risk for alcohol and other drug use.

    The Student Assistance Counselor will meet with the student to discuss issues candidly, explore options and services available, and provide in-school short term supportive counseling.

    The Dignity Act prohibits any discrimination, harassment or persecution on the basis of actual or perceived:

    Race, Color, Weight, National Origin, Ethnic Group, Religion, Religious Practice, Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Other. 

    As DASA coordinator, complaint forms can be accessed from my office. Questions about DASA can also be answered.