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     Physical Exams

    • Physical exams are required for all 9th and 11th graders, all new enterants, working papers, and for interscholastic sports.  
    • Vision and hearing screenings will be preformed on new entrants and 9th graders.
    • 11th grade male students and new enterants will be screened for scoliosis.

    Medical providers must document physical exams on the required NYS physical form.  No other form of documentation can be accepted per NYS. 

    Click the link below to print the required form.

    NYS Required Physical Form

    Sports Physicals 

    Click the link below to register your child for a sport. Please note that you MUST register your student at the beginning of each season. Athletes must be approved by the school nurse prior to participating in any practices or games.


    ATHLETES MUST: Have an up to date physical exam (done within the last 12months) by either your private health care provider or free of charge at school by the district nurse practitioner.  School provided physical appointments are on a first come first serve basis and an appointment can not be guaranteed. Parents MUST sign the Sports Physical Exam Consent on Family ID before athletes can be scheduled for an appointment.NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.  Everyone must register on Family ID and follow all procedures.




    LINK TO NYS Required Immunizations for the 2019-2020 School Year

    Health Forms for Parents:  If you are unable to access any of these forms, please click here to request that they are provided to you in an alternate form. 


    Concussion Information 

    A Parents Fact Sheet on Concussion from the Centers for Disease Control
    Parents / Guardians
    The following is information on what will occur if your child is diagnosed with a concussion
    • The students health care provider should provide a note stating the child has a concussion and what accommodations may be needed 
    • Forms will be provided to the parents / guardians about concussions and for the students health care provider to fill out  
    • Forms for health care provider - click on links  > ACE Form 1ACE Form 2Concussion Form 3
    • Completed health care provider forms should be given to the School Nurse after each appointment so that the students progression, needs and recovery may be known and shared with appropriate school personnel
    • The School Nurse (RN) will collaborate with appropriate school personnel to monitor and assist the student during the recovery process.   Both physical and cognitive activities will be monitored
    • The School Nurse will keep student out of PE and Recess until cleared completely from concussion
    • Once student is asymptomatic and  cleared by their health care provider, the School Nurse will begin Return to Play protocol
    • The School Nurse will begin Return to Play paperwork and talk with student about the Return to Play protocol which is done in collaboration with the physical education teachers
    • There are four steps that must be done before full activity.  For each step, the student must check in with the School Nurse who will ask questions about symptoms.  If symptom-free the student will proceed to PE and participate for a short amount of time and with minimal exertion.  The PE teacher will observe for symptoms.  After completion, the PE teacher or coach will send student back to School Nurse who will again ask about symptoms.  If asymptomatic, the student will move to next step.  There must be a minimum of 24 hours between each step.  Students advance in level of exertion for each step until full exertion/activity during step 5.  If the student experiences any symptoms before, during or after a step, they will begin at the previous step during which symptoms were experienced.
    • If the student experiences worsening symptoms or symptoms that do not go away,  your child will be referred back to their health care provider 
    • When the 5th step is successfully completed the students paperwork will be forwarded to the school physician for final clearance.  Once this final clearance is obtained, the student will be cleared for PE and recess without restrictions
    • This procedure takes time and is done to help the student successfully recover 
    Student Athletes in the Middle and High School will have the Return to Play Protocol done with the Athletic Trainer, Sharon Delmonico, ATC after school.  Trainer Sharon is a valuable resource for student athletes and parents on sport safety, conditioning  and injuries.  She may be reached at 845-457-2400 x 17860


    Medication Administration in School
    Medication may be administered to a student during school hours with the proper written documentation.  Forms may be obtained from the school nurse or through the links below.
    A written request by the parent which gives permission for the administration of the medication is required.  
    The written order of the prescribing medical provider, which will include the date, name of the medication, the purpose of the medication, the dosage, time, and route of medication, and the length of time the medication is prescribed.  The possible side effects of the medication should also be listed. 
    Both documents will be kept on file in the Health Office.
    The medication, in its original labeled container with the student's name, date, route, dose, and name of the medication,  along with the above documents, should be brought to the health office by the parent(s), guardian(s), or designated adult.  Students are not permitted to carry medication to school. *
    *If your child needs to self-carry emergency medication, documentation is still required. A note from your health care provider must also state that the child is allowed to use and carry his/her medication independently. However, the school nurse must make an assessment as to whether your child understands when and how to use his/her medication, and knows possible side effects of his/her medication.  Self-carried medication is only allowed for sports/emergency purposes.

    Link to Savings on Epi-pen


    Mental Health Resources- click on links below 

    National Institute of Mental Health 

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    National Alliance on Mental Illness

    Wellness Resources for Teens


    For more information on Health and Wellness, visit VC Parent University

    Physical Education Excuses

    Students are required by the State Education Department to participate in Physical Education classes.  If not able to participate because of injury or illness:

    • A note from the student's private health care provider clearly stating the reason for restriction and expected length of the restriction must be submitted to the health office.
    • Students should report to each PE class for attendance and receive a written assignment.
    • These assignments must be completed and returned to the PE teacher to receive credit.
    • PE participation is mandatory to meet graduation credit requirements.
    • Students who have had a medical excuse from PE/Sports must have a written clearance from their health care provider to return to participation in their PE class /sport.


    Concussion Management Procedure 


    When a student is injured during a school sponsored activity or outside of school and symptoms of concussion are present the following procedure is to be followed. 


    1. In school or at a school sponsored event the student is immediately removed from the activity, and may not return until medically cleared to do so. 
    2. The coach or other responsible adult will notify the parent immediately and request that they have their child assessed by their private health care provider. 
    3. The coach or other responsible adult will fill out the Student Incident Report within 24 hours and forward it to the proper office. 
    4. If the student is injured outside of school it is expected that the parent will inform the school nurse in their child’s building of the injury, the school nurse will provide the parent/guardian with the “Post-Concussion Forms” to be completed by the child’s private health care professional. The school nurse will also complete a concussion evaluation if one has not already been completed. 
    5. Whether injured at school or off school grounds the school nurse will provide the parent/guardian with concussion management information.
    6. In order for the student diagnosed with concussion to return to physical education and/or athletics they must be medically cleared by their private healthcare provider and by the school physician. 
    7. The student must be symptom free for 24 hours prior to clearance. The school physician requires two visits to the private health care provider prior to clearance. This is to be documented on the provider assessment form. There must be at least 24 hours between visits. b. Once medical clearance is obtained the student is to begin the return to play progression. If at any time during the return to play progression the student experiences a recurrence of symptoms, activity is to be stopped for a period of 24 hours. If the student is symptom free for 24 hours they may begin the return to play progression at the previous step during which symptoms were experienced. If they are not symptom free after 24 hours they are to be referred back to their private health care provider. 
    8. The return to play progression is a five step process and takes a minimum of 5 days to complete. These protocols will be followed by all Valley Central School District health care professionals (nurses, Athletic Trainer and School Physician), coaches and teachers who are responsible for returning a student to active participation after a concussion, as appropriate. 


    The District’s concussion management /return to play protocol is to be followed even if the student presents a prescription and/or other note from his/her health care provider or emergency room provider authorizing a return to play or other physical activity sooner than required by this policy.


    Return completed forms to the  in the Main Office (Mrs. Horner)
    Part I
    • Complete all of Part I of the application, be sure to fill in your social security number and bring a copy of your Social Security Card in with you.
    • Part one must be signed by a parent/guardian prior to the nurse signing off on the physical exam.
    Part II
    • If you are not attending school, please bring in proof of Date of Birth. 
    Part III
    • The Physical Fitness Certification must be signed.
    • If you have a physical on file in the Health Office the School Nurse will sign the form.
    • If you do not have a physical on file in the Health Office you may have your private health care provider sign the form for you.
    • This certificate is not required for Newspaper Carrier permits if the applicant is qualified to participate in the school's physical education program.
    Part IV
    • Students who are 16, not attending school full time, and are applying for full-time employment must complete the "Pledge of Employment".