•   Hi!  Randy Axtell here.  This is my 30th year at VCHS.  I currently teach 5 sections of Global History and Geography II.  I've been teaching this course for about a quarter century.  Although doing well in the course is important, passing the NYS Regents Exam in June is a graduation requirement in most cases. If you have any need to contact me , please do so @ randall.axtell@valleycentralschools.org  or call VCHS Ext.17124. I also have collegial time from 6:55 am -7:25 am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays mornings to meet with students and/or parents.  This is by appointment only.
        The GS II course takes the students from the Enlightenment Period (1700) up through the Modern Era (2005 or so).  The textbook is Human Legacy  and we cover Chapters 19 -31 in varying degrees of detail.  Major themes discussed throughout the year include: Geography, Religions, Revolution, Nationalism, Imperialism, Conflict (World Wars), Totalitarianism, Interdependence, Globalization ...plus various Geo-political and Socio-economic issues that impact regions we study. It is for the most part a chronological path through history.  Remember, this is the second part of a two year course... culminating with the NYS Regents Exam. 
         Student grades are based on a variety of factors including: Quizzes, Tests, Essay assignments, Homework, Classwork and Participation.  The students consistent effort (including completion of extra credit assignments) could be a factor in grading.