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    Collegial office hours   Tuesday & Thursday  6:55am-7:25 am
    Summer weightroom hours 6-7:30 Mon- Thurs.
    2019 soccer practice starts  August 19 for  Grades 9-12
    Practices will be;
    Monday 8/19 9:00am    Tue-Sat  8:30-11:45
    Soccer Players refer to the Remind app for summer trainning

    I can be reached at 845 457 2400  x17881

    Valley Central High School Course Syllabus


     Course Titles:  Freshman PE and Grades 10-12 PE


    Semester:  Fall or Spring


    Class Meets:  Every other day (A/B schedule)



    Mr. Eric Bartle: eric.bartle@valleycentralschools.org   ext. 17881

    Mr. Paul Berkowitz:  paul.berkowitz@valleycentralschools.org   ext. 17881


    Mr. Ron Introini:  ronald.introini@valleycentralschools.org   ext. 17881


    Mr. Bob Leonard:  robert.leonard@valleycentralschools.org   ext. 17881


    Mrs. Laura McFarlane :  laura.mcfarlane@valleycentralschools.org   ext. 17883


    Mrs. Victoria Voloshin:  victoria.voloshin@valleycentralschools.org   ext. 17883


     Overview: The physical education curriculum at Valley Central High School is designed to help students recognize the importance of
     physical activity.  Students are encouraged to select a variety of activities that include fitness, lifetime activities,

     and individual and team sports.  

    Materials:  Students will need appropriate athletic attire: shorts/sweatpants/windpants and a t-shirt.  Sneakers- no sandals or boots.

    All clothing must allow for safe participation for all activities.
    There are not enough lockers for each student to keep a locker for the year, they must bring a lock daily and take home their belongings at
    the end of each class.  All valuables need to be locked up; Valley Central is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 



    Course Outline:

    Fall Units:  Fitness, Swimming (9th and 10th grade), Football, Soccer, Tennis, Floor Hockey, Team Handball, Racquetball, Yoga,
     Pickleball and Team Games.

    Spring Units: Ultimate Frisbee, Track & Field, Softball, Basketball, Weight Room, Badminton, Table Tennis, Golf, Lacrosse and CPR.


    The mile run is done once in the fall and once in the spring.  If the mile run is not completed, 7 points will be taken off the quarter average.  Students are responsible for reporting their time to their teacher after the run is completed. 


     Absences:  Students are not allowed to miss more than four classes of instruction per semester.  If there are more than four absences and
     they are not made up, the student does not earn his or her credit for the course. 


    Grading:  Grading is based on the Valley Central Grading Rubric

    Grading will be based on the Do-Now, Warm-up, participation, safety and cooperation.  Each semester, quizzes will be given and a
     final exam will be administered which is worth 20% of the semester grade.



    Make Ups:  There are plenty of opportunities each week to make up classes that have been missed, either because of an absence or for being unprepared.  Full credit will be given back for excused absences and partial credit will be given back for unprepared days. 


    In the Gym: (must sign up during the school day to stay post session)

    Tuesdays and Thursdays post session
    Weight Room: (sign in when you arrive)
    Wednesdays and Fridays post session 

    Pool: (can make up two classes per visit at the pool, sign in when you arrive)

    Monday through Thursday evenings 7:45pm-9:15pm – Saturdays 10:00am-12:00pm

    Most days post session (please check with Mr. Warner first) - Monday through Friday mornings at 6:00am