English 11 Course Outline


    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    I am happy to be your child's English teacher this year. The goal is to prepare your 11th grader for his/her future educational and professional endeavors. Please feel free to utilize my contact information.

    Phone: (845) 457-2400 ext. 19344

    Email: robert.jurgens@valleycentralschools.org       Website: https://www.vcsd.k12.ny.us/  All assignments will be posted under Jurgens.


     Elements of the class: 

    1. 1984, The Catcher in the RyeThe Body of Christopher Creed, A Raisin in the Sun, Tuesday's with MorrieThe Crucible, poetry/song lyrics, music videos, urban legends, grammar, short stories, vocabulary,  current events articles, preparation for the state exam, Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction, debates and public speaking

    2. Weekly readings(poems, articles, songs, short stories or documentaries) are assigned at the beginning of every week and collected at the beginning of the next week. Students have a whole week to complete.

    3. Vocabulary from context quizzes occur every other Friday using informational text and SAT passages. 

    4. An  argument paper is done in class every two weeks to prepare for the Common Core. 

    5. Missed instruction can be found on the left side of the course page to the left. 

    6. The research paper process begins in January.

    7. Poetry portfolio entries are assigned throughout the year.

    8. Daily warm ups are used to start class.  It could be a puzzle,  grammar, a writing prompt, a picture,an editing exercise or quotations. The writer's notebook is graded on effort. Sometimes we share our entries.

    Evaluation:  A.Essays, quizzes, vocabulary tests:  60%  B. Work ethic:20%(journals and do nows are heavily tied to this)   C. Projects: 20%

     Materials: 1. Blue or black ink  2. A composition notebook for daily journals and do nows. 3. A starter pack of post- it notes.

    Expectations:  Homework is to be done when it is assigned and handed in on the day it is due unless the student is absent. No late assignments will be accepted. If a student misses class, it is HIS or HER responsibility to find out what was missed and what is due.  No exceptions. Missed instruction can be found on the class website. 

    • If your printer is not working, please provide a note from a parent or guardian and we will gladly lend our computer and printer. 
    • There will be a do now on the board every day in the front of the room. Students are expected to begin immediately. This is a big part of your work ethic grade.
    • Be kind to your peers. Hate speech/bullying and cursing will not be tolerated.
    • If it is a school rule, it is a classroom rule. Please familiarize yourself with the school handbook and student code of conduct.
    • Turn your cell phone off and put it away. It should not be on your desk!
    • Try your best every day and be accountable.
    • Be supportive and encouraging.
    • Be committed to working outside of class. 
    • If you have a vacation planned, work will be ready for you upon your return. See me with questions. They are not legal absences.
    • Substitute teachers are to be treated with respect. A possible referral to administration helps make that clear.
    • Grades below 65 can be made up at your convenience! 

     Helpful tips for your success: 

    • Respect class order and do not yell out or talk to your neighbor during instructional time. 
    • Use your planner on a regular basis.
    • Please make up missed instruction within FIVE school days. 
    • Respect all property (smartboards, books, computers, and personal property) 
    • Follow protocol: Refrain from arguing about grades, procedures, and administrative matters. Make an appointment and we shall surely discuss it!
    • Please remember to write your name and period number on your work. Papers without that information receive a zero.
    • Take advantage of all extra credit opportunities. We all have bad academic days. 
    • Please keep your head up and never opt out. Sleeping will NOT be tolerated!
    • Attend post-session on Tuesday and Thursday for help!
    • Collegial hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:45- 7:25

    ·       Stay organized and save everything!

    ·       Electronic devices are NOT ALLOWED during class lectures, discussions, and project time, and must be put away.                              

    Please sign and return by Friday, September 15.

     Student :________________________________________    

     Parent: __________________________________________  

      Please provide the best time to contact you. _______________________