• Welcome To Mr. Lee's Home Page
    I can be reached by phone at 845 457 2400 ext 19364
    My collegial hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 6:55-7:25 
    My email is robert.lee@valleycentralschools.org
    I am currently teaching:  
                                         11th Grade Regents English
                                          Creative Writing
     11R will be covering this year                                                                          
    A Raisin in the Sun                                                                                             
    Chocolate War                                                                                                      
    Catcher in the Rye                                                                                                  
    The Crucible                                                                                                          
    Review for the Common Core Regents                                                                 
    Research Paper
    Written Poetry Unit 
    Children's story, 6 word story, Science Fiction, 
    Play, Poinyt of View, Obituary
    Poetry, Every picure tells a story
    And more to follow