• Mr. Stout's Website 2018-2019 School Year
    Voicemail:  (845) 457-2400 ext. 19487
    Collegial/Office Hours are Tues and Thurs from 6:55-7:25 am (by appointment only!)
    My post-session is held in room 219 most Tuesdays through Fridays.  No Post Mondays and there may be other days not available with duties and middle school requirements.
    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  This year I will be teaching Common Core Algebra 2 AD (Period 1), Common Core Algebra 2 R (Period 2), and Financial Algebra with Mrs. Hebbard (Period 4) in room 219.  The rest of the school day I work in the middle school.   
    Note:  Each course has it's own tab on the left of the screen and this is where you can find course specific information.  Once you are in the course tab is information on how to get to the Google Classroom page for that class.  Any parents that want to get a summary of my Google Classroom notes please email me with your information and I will gladly add you to receive updates.  
    I will start off by discussing what supplies you need for my class:  A pen (not red), pencil, a notebook, and are ready to get to work as soon as class begins.  There will be a "Do Now" problem to do most days in class and will be posted on the Smartboard as you enter class.  Make sure you have a notebook that you can manage notes, worksheets, and turning in homework assignments to stay organized.  I have seen students succeed with a 3-ring binder only but the best notebooks I have seen are where a student keeps a spiral/composition notebook for notes only and a seperate 3-ring binder for worksheets, homework, quizzes, and tests. 
     Special Post-Session note:  Do not bring friends from another class to post session.  Post session is a place to work!!!!
       - Financial Algebra students will need a scientific calculator or app for a scientific calculator for work outside of class.  If you have a graphing calculator great, but don't buy a graphing calculator.  Graphing calculators will be provided in class but we will rarely use the graphing function.  There is no need to bring a calculator to class unless you wish to work with your own.  
       - Common Core Algebra 2 R/AD students have times at which a graphing calculator will be required in order to do certain topics in the course.  I am not saying to go and buy a TI-84 (there is a new color one) but you may need to find a way to do problems that require the graphing calculator to solve.  There are a lot of apps for different smartphones that act like the graphing calculators.  Some are free and some cost money, but far less than the cost of a graphing calculator.    There is a class set of graphing calculators available for in-class use.  For homework you may find apps, online websites, and other programs for different technologies a less expensive option.  For the Iphone, there is an app called GrafNCalc83 that costs around $6.00 that is a good clone of the Ti-83 graphing calculator.  Electronic devices with calculators on them are not allowed to be used in class.


    Please refer to course specific webpages to the left for additional information.
    Attached are some useful graph paper pages to print off at home when it is needed. 
    Graph Patch Paper (type 1) to download (MS Word):  Click here
    Graph Patch Paper (type 2- trig) to download (MS Word):  Click here
    Set printer to print in black and white for better results!!
    Full-page Graph Paper (PDF) over different size: 4 squares per inch
                                                                               5 squares per inch
                                                                               6 squares per inch
    Nice TI83/84 plus Basic Operations Book (43 pages) PDF document - Click here