Mrs. Elaine Keefer
    Mathematics Teacher 
    I may be reached at (845) 457-2400 voice mail extension 19348.  You may also e-mail me at:          elaine.keefer@valleycentralschools.org
    E-mail is a quick form of communication.  Please drop me an e-mail stating your child's name so I may add you to  my list. Thank you.
    This year I am teaching the following courses:   
    Common Core Geometry R (regents) and CC Algebra 2 R (regents). 
                                 Tuesday and Thursday mornings I am available by appointment from 6:55-7:25
                                                               Period 1: Geometry Regents 
                                                               Period 2:  Study Hall
                                                               Period 3:  Algebra II Regents
                                                               Period 4:  Geometry Regents
                                                               Period 5:  Profesional Period (last 30 minutes of period) by appointment
                                                               Period 6:  Algebra II Regents
                                                               Period 7:  Lunch
                                                               Period 8:  Geometry Regents
                                                               Period 9:  Teacher Planning
    Supply list for Common Core Geometry R and CC Geometry students:

    Materials Needed:

    v Scientific calculator or graphing calculator TI-84 (you will need TI-84 for CC Algebra 2 for sure)

          regular or mechanical pencils w/ eraser for all work  

    v Safe-T Compass – (Available for purchase in the classroom for $1.00)

             You may purchase your own compass from any store if you’d like but you absolutely must have a compass every day.

    v A big eraser

    v Protractor

    v Colored Pencils and/or Highlighters

    v Planner *****and use it*****

    v A neat and organized notebook. This is your responsibility and will lead to success.

    Supply list for Algebra II R students:

    Materials Needed:

      Graphing Calculator TI-84 calculator (You must have a calculator every day.)

    Regular or mechanical pencils w/ eraser for all work  


    You must keep a neat and organized notebook.  Always have lots of paper!!!!!!!!  This is your responsibility and will lead to your success.


    I post my notes daily on google classroom.  Please accept your invitation to google classroom as soon as you get it!  Thank you :)