Your first assignment - you will need a 2” binder filled with loose-leaf paper for this class.  Please divide your binder into five (5) sections – JOURNAL, LITERATURE, WRITING, GRAMMAR and SPELLING/VOCABULARY.  You may see occasional binder checks! Please make sure your binder remains organized and complete.


    Homework assignments will be written on the blackboard every day and will be posted on my school website. Also, there will be a “Please Do Now” written on the smartboard each day.  You will be expected to sit down as soon as you enter the classroom and get started immediately on the assigned task.


    Meeting deadlines is very important. NO LATE HOMEWORKS WILL BE ACCEPTED!  Homework assignments are due at the beginning of the class period. Your homework average will be worth 20% of each quarter grade.


    Make-up work from an absence MUST be completed within (5) days, beginning with the day you return to school.  Any work not completed within the five-day period will automatically become a “0.”  Remember, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed during your absence(s) and make up the work!


    You will be doing a required Research Paper this year.  It will be worth 20% of your quarter grade.  Also, formal writing assignments will count as two (2) quiz grades.


    You will write several entries into your Journal throughout the course of the school year.  Each entry must be at least one well-written paragraph.  Journals will be checked occasionally and will be worth two (2) quiz grades.


    Please hand in all work on loose-leaf paper.  Also, formal writing assignments must be completed in blue or black ink only.  Nothing else will be accepted.


    Please bring all your English books and materials to class.  You will not be permitted to go to your locker during class.  Also, be on time!  Please visit the bathroom/water fountain before or after class.


    Class participation is very important and will only help your grade.  Don’t be shy!


    I am available everyday during post-session, unless I have an after-school duty or commitment.  If you are going to stay for post-session, please make sure you check in with me!


    Please be respectful with your cell phone.  If you are using it during a test/quiz, or if it becomes a distraction to you during class instruction, I will take it away from you.


    I have read the above expectations and fully understand what is expected of me in this class.

    Print your name:  ___________________________­­­­­­         Signature ________________________________  Date ___________________________


     "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson