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         Psychology, Sociology & Economics

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    Mrs. Korpics
    Room 145

    Post Session: Tuesdays through Fridays: 1:55 - 2:25

    Collegial Office Hours: 2:28 - 2:58 Tuesdays & Thursdays 

    Welcome back! We begin another school year. For some of you it is your first experience in high school, but for many taking Psychology, Sociology or Economics this is your junior or senior year and many exciting opportunities and changes lay in wait for you. We will be using Google Classroom a great deal so make sure to sign into your classes. The codes are available but we will do this as a class and you can approach me for help at anytime. It will be your best resource as every project/notes/handout/video clip/ assignment, etc. that I give you will be available on Google Classroom 24/7.
    Please feel free to explore the links on the side. The most helpful would be the Course Outline & Syllabus links for each course you are taking. It explains a little about the subject, some expectations, guidelines, suggestions for materials and a little welcome from me.  More importantly, it serves as your course syllabus which contains a list of all the content you will be learning about in each course this semester. I will be handing these out to you directly as well.
    Since these are half year courses, there is a great deal of of content that I need to teach  that is important to prepare you for an excellent foundation in Psychology and Sociology, however I will make sure that we can also explore topics in each course according to your individual needs and interests as well to make sure you enjoy and get something you need from my classes. We will have fun too - I promise you that.
    Economics 12 will be more project based than in the past due to the new NYS Social Studies Framework.  That Course Outline and Syllabus is being changed. In addition to Macro and Micro Economics and content you will need for college, there will be a great deal of personal finance, planning for college, life, work, bills, saving, banking choices, investment choices and lifestyle considerations. This will take place within the projects as well to better prepare for you a life of financial confidence as well as give you skills that you will use if not right now, definitely after graduation. This will be fun as well as useful.
    I wish you an exciting and informative year. Make memories. Learn about yourself and others. Try something new this year. Expand your horizons and never be so busy with life's tasks that you can't take a moment to make someone's day brighter; whether it be by a smile, a kind word, or a helpful gesture. Realize that all of us carry our lives inside of us in many different compartments and you can help this school be a place that makes a positive difference in someone's life that can have repercussions that last a lifetime. 
    "Remember everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something. - H. Jackson Brown Jr.
     Feel free to contact me at my email above or stopping by room 145 (across from the pool, if you smell chlorine you're getting close). Best wishes for a wonderful school year. ...Mrs. K.