Valley Central High School

    1175 Route 17K
    Montgomery, NY 12549 

         Psychology, Sociology & 12th Grade Social Studies

    Mrs. Korpics
    Room 145

    Post Session: Tues - Fri Room 145

    Collegial Office Hours: 2:26 - 2:56 Tuesdays & Thursdays 

    Welcome back! We begin another school year. For some of you it is your first experience in high school, but for many taking Psychology, Sociology or 12th grade Social Studies; this is your junior or senior year and many exciting opportunities and changes lay in wait for you.
    We will be using Google Classroom a great deal and I will explain to you how you can join our classes - if you know how to join on your own I'll put the codes and classrooms up as soon as my classes for the school year are activated so you can sign into them as soon as you get your schedule. Otherwise, no worries as we will also go over this in person as well. It will be your best resource as every project/notes/handout/video clip/ assignment, etc. that I give you will be available on Google Classroom 24/7. Your parents/guardians can also have access to it as well in case they have any questions. I can add that onto the program after the school year begins.
    I will put the Course Outline & Syllabus on Google Classroom for each course you are taking. It explains a little about the subject, some expectations, guidelines, suggestions for materials and a little welcome from me.  More importantly, it serves as your course syllabus which contains a list of all the content you will be learning about in each course this semester. I will be handing these out to you directly as well.
    Since these are half year courses, there is a great deal of of content that I need to teach in half the time of other courses you may have taken -  it's important to prepare you for an excellent foundation especially in Psychology  - but also in Sociology and 12th Grade Social Studies as well, however I will make sure that we can also explore topics in each course according to your individual needs and interests as well to make sure you enjoy and get something you need personally from my classes.
    We will have fun too - You will be surprised. You'll laugh and sometimes you may even becme emotional due to the nature of these courses. You'll learn about why we make the choices we do (much of it is beyond our percevied control), what happens when you dream, how to maximize healthy sleep patterns, identify how groups change and can become good/bad/different all depending on who's in them and sometimes who's watching. Why are the worst decisions often ones made in groups yet it seems that's how most companies make them? (...and how this can be prevented). Why when you bump your head you see stars? How chemicals determine many of your major feelings and what to do when you feel things aren't right. The power you have to make the life you want is truly in your hands - and in your brain - and you will learn how to optimize your brain power to keep you healthy, happy and safe - and so much more.
    I hope you take the opportunity to open yourself up to new experiences. I will never pull you out of your comfort zone - but don't be surprised if you end up choosing to step out of it all on your own. It happens every year. I hope to give you more than an education - I hope to give you tools you can use in your life whether it be now or many years in the future. You will begin to see the world through multiple perspectives. You my not believe it now  - but I promise you will. 
    I wish you an exciting and informative year. Make memories. Learn about yourself and others. Try something new this year. Expand your horizons and never be so busy with life's tasks that you can't take a moment to make someone's day brighter; whether it be by a smile, a kind word, or a helpful gesture. Realize that all of us carry our lives inside of us in many different compartments and you can help this school be a place that makes a positive difference in someone's life that can have repercussions that last a lifetime. 

    "Remember everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something." - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

     This is your school. This is your education, these will be your memories and I encourage you to dive right in and make the most of it. Feel free to contact me at my email above or stopping by room 145 (across from the pool, if you smell chlorine you're getting close). Best wishes for a wonderful school year. ...Mrs. K.