Earth Science Review ScheduleMcMahon


    Please come to class every day.  Bring packets, etc.

    Do all castlelearning assignments.  They make a huge difference.


    Tuesday, June 4 from 2-3:30 topic will be the first packet (pink).  Review gradient, drawing isolines, profiles, stream direction.  Review moon and sun paths.

    Wednesday, June 5 post-session.  Using page 15 ESRT and key concepts to know deep space.

    Thursday, June 6 from 2-3:30. Drawing ellipses and using page 11 to find earthquakes.  Earth materials.

    Friday, June 7 post-session.  Review for lab practical.

    Saturday, June 8 from 9am to noon:  Regents review from old Regents.  And by topic as requested by attendees.

    For most of my students, the Regents Lab Practical exam is IN CLASS

    Tuesday, June 11.  We will meet in room 209, not in room 215.

    Tuesday, June 11 from 2-3:30.  topic will be using pages 12 and 13 ESRT and concepts relating to weather variables.

    Wednesday, June 12 NO POST.

    Thursday, June 13 from 2-5pm. First 1.5 hours we will continue weather and climate review.  Maps, air masses, fronts, severe weather, heat.  Second 1.5 hours is Regents exams.

    Friday, June 14 post.  Whatever students would like to do.

    Saturday, June 15 from 9am to noon.  Regents exams and any topic you would like to do.

    If I am able to meet the mornings of June 18 and 19 for more review, I will make an announcement.

    The written Regents exam is the afternoon of June 20, 2019.  You should be at the gym, or other assigned location, by 11:45 WITHOUT any electronic devices!  Bring a pen that writes in blue or black ink and a sharpened pencil or two.


    Learning Objectives for this course.          and Course Syllabus

     GOES shows us the world....

    How the Earth was Made

     current time and sunlight               and winds of Earth
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