• I feel very fortunate to be the Principal of Walden Elementary School.  Through my interactions with the faculty and staff, I am proud to be associated with such a wonderful group of collaborative educators.  It is our wish to partner with you to raise successful students who represent our future.  Please help at home by reading with your children everyday for at least 15 minutes!


    Our goal is to raise kind and caring individuals, with the skills necessary to be successful int he future.  I am excited to see them in the classrooms, playground, and lunchroom.  Children are the reason that I am in education and I enjoy getting to know each as an individual with their own unique personalities and talents.


    Walden is an excellent school community and I am excited to assist so many wonderful families.  Our PTO provides our students and school with a tremendous amount of support, so please become a member.  It is very important to read and practice math facts daily with your children.  With your help at home, we are sure to produce well-rounded students prepared for all that the future may hold.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know how I can help by calling 457-2400 ext. 15510, or by email at gregory.heidemann@valleycentralschools.org

    Have a great school year!