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    Hello!  I am the School Psychologist at Montgomery Elementary School.  I have worked in the Valley Central School District since 1993.  In that time I have worked as the School Psychologist on the Committee on Special Education,  and in several Elementary Schools, as well as the  High School. 
    As the School Psychologist, I facilitate the building-level Instructional Support Team (IST) meetings.  The Instruction Support Team is a group of professionals within the building that meet weekly to discuss students, pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, brainstorm  strategies, and make recommendations.  The goal of the Instructional Support Team is to help M.E.S. students reach their maximum academic and emotional potentials.
    As the School Psychologist, I conduct psychological evaluations and re-evaluations for classified students.  In addition, I meet with students for counseling; in both individual sessions or groups.  Students are most often referred for counseling due to poor social skills or low self-esteem.  Building self-confidence and self-esteem makes a huge difference in education.  As parents/guardians you can enhance self-esteem and self-worth by encouraging your child(ren), and by being supportive and loving. 
    Please feel free to call me at Montgomery Elementary at 457-2400  x 14640.