• Welcome!!
          Hi... this is Melinda Sulzbach and I am the School Social Worker & Dignity Act Coordinator (DASA) at Montgomery Elementary School.  I work with students in many capacities but most especially counseling students both individually and in groups. The groups revolve around the needs of the students and may include: separation and divorce, social skills, building self-confidence, or anxiety issues.
          My goal is to help a student succeed academically while improving their emotional and social skills. I strongly believe that every student should feel safe and happy at school.  I support our school being a bully-free school and work closely with both Mr. Canino and Mrs. Malley in addressing any bullying behaviors.
        Here at M.E.S., we all believe in the importance of Character Education. Each month, I invite a grade level (2nd to 5th)  to write and read about a character education trait/word of the month during morning announcements. 
        Again this year, our school continues with our Bucket Filling theme which is to reinforce the importance of kindness, being responsible, and respectful of others. This concept was introduced to our students a few years ago and derived from Carol McCloud's book: Have You Filled a Bucket Today? The idea is that each of us have the capacity to be bucket fillers NOT bucket dippers.  Ask your child about this as they probably can inform you about it or take the time to read this great book!
                          bucket filling
           Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child.  My phone number is 457-2400 ext. 14645 or you can email me at:  Melinda.Sulzbach@valleycentralschools.org