• Brian Wojehowski

    Team: 7th Grade Gold
    Email: brian.wojehowski@valleycentralschools.org
    Voicemail: 457-2400, ext. 19538

    Office Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 3:00-3:30 or by appointment in Room 210


    Seventh Grade ELA   
    Mr. Wojehowski


    • Texts: Holt Handbook, Prentice Hall Literature
    • Novels and Primary Sources: 7th Grade ELA Common Core Modules 1-4
    • Materials: binder/notebook, paper, composition notebook, pens & pencils, pocket folders



    In past years the seventh grade ELA program at VCMS was separated into the two distinct subject areas of English and reading.  Recently, we’ve made an effort to combine the two subjects into one core ELA class while still maintaining the appropriate subdivisions that will allow our students to absorb all of the necessary material.  As a result, our students will still have two classes, ELA-1 and ELA-2, but now these courses will be taught by the same instructor in as close to a single block of time as the schedule will allow.  The students will work on all aspects of our seventh grade ELA curriculum during this block and will now receive one grade on their report cards for the combined classes. It’s our hope that this combination will allow the much needed flexibility to cross the subject areas and further reinforce the connection between not only English and reading, but all subject areas in regard to reading comprehension, writing proficiency, and critical thinking skills.

    Our ELA-1 portion of the curriculum will focus on grammar, mechanics, usage, and writing.  Through supportive grammar lessons, daily usage and mechanics activities, and writing units it is our goal to help the students view all of our studies this year as integral parts of writing success in all of their academic endeavors.  The students will study grammar lessons in conjunction with each unit of the CCLS modules.  They’ll also focus on one major writing concentration each quarter which will produce essays in both rough and final copy versions.  The goal of these will be to prepare them for writing across our curriculum.  This year we'll continue to use the required Common Core writing techniques, but also return to our own VCMS program, a program that has proven to be quite successful in the past.
    One area in which we hope to stress the cross subject importance of writing will be in our ELA-2 focus, as the students will learn to write a well organized text-dependent essay.  They will take the foundations of essay writing we learn in ELA-1 and use them to build essays supported by evidence from our readings this year.  Close reading strategies will be reinforced along the way, and you’ll see our students working on shorter, sentence length answers and note-taking skills while we proceed through the year.  Again, we'll continue to focus on the Common Core modules 1-4, but also incorporate our own traditional approaches as well.

    Grading Policy:
    Classwork: 10%
    Homework: 20%
    Quizzes: 30%
    Tests: 40%

    For extra credit opportunities students are encouraged to meet with me for ideas and approval.