• Kristina Van Vlack

    Team: 8th Grade Blue
    Email: kristina.vanvlack@valleycentralschools.org
    Voicemail: 457-2400, ext. 19173


    Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday   
    Pre-session (7:30 am) 
    Welcome to the 8th grade!  I am looking forward to an exciting and rewarding school year with your child.  First, I would like to introduce myself.  I have obtained my Master's degree from the University of New England and am currently enrolled in various courses to increase my content knowledge.
    Working together we can insure that this is a terrific year for your child and a rewarding learning experience.  Remember the importance of cooperation, concern, and communication between school and home. I know we'll make a great team!  i look forward to meeting with you in the future.
    If at any time you would like to meet with me, I can be reached using the following measures:
    email: Kristina.vanvlack@valleycentralschoos.org
               ext. 16102