• Heather Martin

    Department: Social Studies Team: 8th Grade Green
    Email: heather.martin@valleycentralschools.org
    Voicemail: 457-2400, ext. 19383


    Welcome to  my  Social  Studies  Web  Page
    Hello,  I am  Heather Martin,  
    Grade  8 Social Studies teacher  for
    the  G - R - E - A - T  
    students on the  Green Team.
    If you wish to speak with me,  I  will reply to your  E-Mail the quickest.
    So kindly leave an E-Mail at the address shown below.

     Also I  can be contacted by phone:
      Phone # is 457-2400.....select  "6" for  Middle School.    My extension is  19383.                                                                                      I return calls at the end of the  day, following Post Session.  
                                   I  stay  Post-Session  every   Tuesday  and  Thursday.  
                             There are post-session busses  available  both of these days.   
            I   am also   regularly   at school   for  pre-session  and  for  almost all   other post-session  days as well.    
    Parents and  Students:   All upcoming home work and exams are posted under the bullets on the left.  It  tells the Assignments & Upcoming Exams and often has reminder dates.  The  ditto   sheet  home  work  questions/and chapter vocabulary terms are given out for the entire chapter as we conclude the previous chapter.  The Vocabulary terms can  also be  found on this site under the bullet on the  left saying "Chapter-by-Chapter questions'.  If students  forget  to  bring home any other important items,  you can come back to the school and get these from  their  locker  until  about 7PM.  The  front door  at the school  is  left  open for  that  purpose.