• Diane Umstetter

    Team: 7th Grade Gold
    Email: diane.umstetter@valleycentralschools.org
    Voicemail: 457-2400, ext. 19277

    OFFICE HOURS:  Tuesday   7:30-8:00

                                   Thursday 7:30-8:00




      Valley Central Middle School
    Room 113
    Voicemail:  457-2400 X19277

    September, 2018

    Welcome to 7th Grade! This year promises to be a very exciting and challenging year for your child and for you!.

    Your child has been assigned to the Gold Team (*although some students' schedules may necessitate a split team). The Gold Team consists of four general education subject area teachers, a consultant special education teacher, and two special class special education teachers. This year, I will be teaching ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Reading Resource.  Your child may be assigned to me for any one or more of those classes.  Mrs. Betanzos will be teaching a section of ELA, Math, all Science classes, and a section of Reading Resource.

    I have been in education for 34 years. I have worked as a special education classroom teacher at the middle school level for many years.  I teach all subject areas.  I have a special interest and training in teaching students with reading disabilities, such as Dyslexia, and I oversee that program. Before coming to the Middle School, for seven years I worked for Mount Saint Mary College as a college supervisor, training student teachers in the field of education. This is my eighteenth year at Valley Central Middle School!!

    I am looking forward to working together with you in helping your 7th grader to meet the academic challenges that he or she will encounter this year. My goal is to help each student reach his/her potential by focusing on his/her strengths as an individual and by encouraging active learning.  I value each student’s individualism and will help them to continue to develop a positive self-esteem that will lead them to academic success.

    I am looking forward to an exciting year with your child and I look forward to meeting you. Together, we can make this an exciting and productive year for “our” student!


    Diane Umstetter








                Students are expected to:


                            1.  Always be on time for class.

                            2.  Always be prepared for class.  This includes proper notebooks, student planner, textbooks and a good supply of

                                 PENCILS and PENS.

                            3.  Be considerate and polite to all school personnel as well as their own


                            4.  Hand in homework when due.

                            5.  Always work quietly and with their best effort.





    Homework is an important part of your 7th graders academic program.  It provides practice for the skills learned during the school day, allows you – the parent/guardian – to monitor the type of work and skills that your child is learning in each of his/her classes and it allows your child’s teachers to assess or evaluate the level of independent understanding of concepts or skills taught.  Therefore, I ask that you, along with your son/daughter, check his/her student planner after school for homework assignments and monitor, in your own way, for completion.  If you find that your child has had particular difficulty with a certain assignment, please make a note of that in the student’s planner.  In all classes, a homework grade will be calculated into the overall class grade.
    Each grade level has developed a list of supplies for the students.  Individual team teachers may add to that list during the first week of school.
    I have found through the years that students, with organizational concerns,  find it easier and will stay much more organized if they use color-coded spiral notebooks, with color coordinated folders, for each of their subject-area classes.  If your child has a system of organizing class notes, hand-outs, and homework assignments that has been successful for him/her in the past, we will certainly work with that system.  Please check the "Supplies" page for supplies specific to the class your child has with me.
    Please note: