• VCMS Student Assistance Counselor

    DASA Coordinator

    Catherine Heil

    ext. 16241


     The work of the Student Assistance Counselor: 
    • assess student needs and issues
    • assist the student in developing appropriate social interaction skills
    • provide individual and group counseling
    • assess social/emotional needs
    • coordinate services for families and students
    • network with community agencies
    • provide outreach to parents
    • help students who have problems with abuse and neglect
    • assist students who are experiencing or have experienced family violence
    • assist students with a variety of situations such as poor self-esteem, divorce/separation, death and anger management
    • deal with other youth at-risk concerns such as abuse of alcohol and other drugs

    DASA: The Dignity For All Students Act 


    The Dignity for All Students Act prohibits harassment with respect to certain non-exclusive protected classes including, but not limited to: 

    •     actual or perceived race
    •     color
    •     weight (physical characteristics)
    •     national  origin
    •     ethnic  group
    •     religion
    •     religious practice
    •     disability
    •     sexual orientation
    •     perceived sexual orientation
    •     sex