October 2019

    Message from the Principal, Russell Burns: 

    Welcome back, once again, to another school year! Things have started off well in the middle school with many positive changes. I would especially like to welcome our new 6th graders and their families to the building. The middle school is a big transition from elementary school. It is so exciting to see the maturity that our 6th graders experience throughout the year. Our 6th-grade teachers are experts in helping the students through this process. 


    One major change made from the district level this year is a standardized homework policy. The elementary, middle and high school worked tirelessly over the past year to determine a student-centered, educationally sound and research-based homework policy. Each building created a homework committee and surveyed staff, students, and parents to determine what is important to consider when creating a homework policy. The end result is the adoption of a  10% homework policy across the district. Further guidelines were adopted at the building level and can be found in the student handbook and on the school website. The district will continue to look for new and innovative ways to support student learning and instruction. Once again, have a terrific start to the new year!


    1. Parents - this is to inform you that if you wish to withhold permission for your child’s picture to be used on the District’s website, for the 2019/2020 school year, you must submit a letter to the building principal. The letter is only effective for one year and must be submitted every school year.
    2. Parents: In an effort to keep our records updated and to ensure the safety of your children it is important that you contact the Guidance Office if there are any changes in custody matters.

    Parent  Teacher Conferences:


         November  25th - 6pm to 8:30pm


         November 26th  - 8:10am to 3pm


          Conference appointments can be

          made by calling our Guidance           

          Department  beginning Friday,

          November 1st, at 457 - 2400

          ext. 16601 or 16602.



    Mrs. Monda and Mrs. Weiss

    The National Junior Honor Society has kicked off the year with some serious service!  Members gathered in August to aid our new 6th graders to learn the building, and then again at our September Open House night where they helped parents keep to their children's schedules. 

    Members of the group have also been spotted smiling and welcoming students at the front doors of the building every day in September!  The group is looking forward to an upcoming fall field trip to be voted on soon, and elections for officers.

    Annual VFW essay contest

    Patriot’s Pen

    Students in grades 6-8 who are interested in participating in the VFW’s Patriot’s Pen essay contest should see their social studies teacher for an entry form. This year’s theme is:  “What Makes America Great”. Essays need to be typed and no more than 400 words. The entry deadline is October 31, 2018. 


    The Guidance Department


    In September, the Guidance Department focused on getting acquainted with our 6th grade students and ensuring that they were acclimating well to the building.

    During Open House, we did a presentation on Social Media Updates:  the sites that kids are using, how information can be hidden through certain apps and ways to monitor their usage.  If you need more information on this important topic, please contact Guidance.

    The Guidance Department will be hosting a Career and College Fair for our 8th Grade students on November 7th.  If any parent/guardian is interested in presenting, please contact Guidance at 845-457-2400 ext. 16601/16602.

    We have launched a Remind account for each grade level so that parents can receive a text or email with information on upcoming events, etc.  If you would like to join, below are the codes needed to register for each grade level.


    6th Grade: @akkhe6 

    7th Grade:  @dk9gc6

    8th Grade:  @hg94hf8


    Mrs. VanVlack

    Yearbooks are now on sale at www.jostensyearbooks.com

    Messages from the School Nurse:  Mrs. Constance Griffin, BS, RN, AE-C, NCSN



    Please note that students who are 11 years old and in sixth grade are required by NYS Public Health Law to have a    Pertussis booster, a 2nd varicella vaccine, and 4 doses of polio vaccine.  The Pertussis booster vaccine is being   administered as a Tdap  (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis).  In addition, 7th graders are required to have a dose of  meningitis  vaccine.  Please contact your healthcare provider or school nurse to discuss immunization requirements. Updated immunization forms should be given to the health office.  Children who are not immunized may be excluded from school.



    If your child requires medication during the school day, a script from a health care provider, parent authorization for medication administration, and the medication in a properly labeled container is required.  An adult must bring in medications. 


    Auvi-Q and Epi-Pen – epinephrine auto-injectors used for severe allergic reactions

    The manufacturers of Epi-Pen  and Auvi-Q are providing a savings offer, which allows a  $0 out of pocket expense for most patients ($0 cash pay or $0 co-pay).  Please contact the health office for more information.


    Flu Season

    The flu season is approaching.  Hand washing and covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing can protect everyone by stopping the spreading of germs, preventing illness, and reducing sick days.


    Health Examinations/ Physicals 

    A physical examination health certificate is required for all new enterers to the school district and those students in grades 1,3,5,7,9 and 11.  If your child has had an examination, please make sure a copy is given to the health office.  The school medical director or the nurse practitioner will be available throughout the year should you wish the required physical exam be done in school.  Please contact the health office so that an exam can be scheduled if you choose. 



    Hearing and vision screenings will be done for seventh graders and new enterers.  Parents or guardians will be notified of any concerns.  If your child is having difficulty at any time with hearing or vision during the year, please contact the health office so that your child may be screened. 


    When your child is Ill / Injured

    If your child is seen in the health office and it is determined that they should go home due to illness or injury, staff from the health office will call you.  Students should not be calling you for illness or injury.  If your child does contact you, please call the health office to discuss with the nurse.  Your child’s health and safety is our upmost concern.


    Concerns/Health Questions

    If you have any concerns about your child’s health, please contact me at 845-457x2400 x 16700. 

    Please visit my nurse webpage on the VCMS website under services where you can find other important health information.


    Winter Sports

    Please check out FamilyID on my webpage under sports participation.  Sports participation will be done through this program starting with winter sports.


    6th  Grade Social

    The 6th Grade Teams enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon on Friday, September 13th. The 1st Social Event of the year had students dancing and running about the building completing a scavenger hunt. They took team group photos and learned about being #VC Proud. The Viking Mascot even made an appearance. The event was well received and we thank the PTA and parent volunteers who sent in the water and snacks for the students to enjoy. 

    The 6th Grade Spirit Wear Sale is going on now. Team T-shirts, hoodies and even drawstring bags are available this year. Items can be purchased with the individual teams or at myfusiongraphix.com/vcms. Students can wear their team shirts on Team days and Field trips. 

    The 6th grade is in the process of organizing their 1st field trip this year to The American Museum of Natural History in New York City. This trip is planned for November 21st. We will leave once student have arrived to school and will return at around 4pm. Students will need to have rides waiting and will need to provide a bagged lunch as well.  More information on this will be sent home. 

    Dates to Remember: 

    Oct. 15th Progress Reports Published

    Oct. 23rd PTA Meeting

    Oct. 25th Dance/Social  







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