• Revelation
    Revelation is a literary and art magazine that is proudly put together by a staff of Valley Central High School students.  The magazine is a compilation of high school students' original work that includes poetry, short stories, artwork and photography. The students have been creating this annual magazine since the 1970s with much success.
    Meetings are generally on Wednesdays during post-session in Room 98; however, during the first and second quarters, we will meet at least 2 times a month.  Students should listen to morning announcements for meeting dates.  Starting in February, we will begin meeting every Wednesday. Once again, students are advised to listen to morning announcements as to when the Revelation staff will be meeting. Next meeting is Wednesday Oct.10, 2018.
    Revelation  Officers for the 2018-19  School Year
    Art Editor: Stephanie Niedermeyer
    Literary Editor: Nicole Hammond 
    Technical Editor:
    Treasurer: Julia Hunter
                    Jacqueline Schneider - jacqueline.schneider@valleycentralschools.org 
    Each year the unveiling of Revelation occurs at the Festival of the Arts, which
    is May 22, 2019! Make sure to pick up your own copy then!