Science Honor Society

    Advisor: Mrs. LaBarbera

    Meeting Time: Thursdays, Post Session, Every 2 weeks

    Meeting Location: Room 207

    The first statewide science honor society in the United States is the STANYS-supported New York State Science Honor Society. Established in 1991, it is also endorsed by the New York State Science Supervisors Association and the New York State Assembly. Its purpose is to encourage an interest and understanding of science and science-related careers, as well as to recognize the academic achievement in science of high school students. Students who are members are enthused about research, participate in science related activities, have demonstrated achievement in science learning, are service-minded, and present excellent personal character.

    The Valley Central High School’s SNHS club works on community service projects. We established a science outreach program at our local elementary schools, encouraging children to be interested in science. We go to elementary schools after post sessions and put on interesting demonstrations of all science subjects for kids.

    Outside our school district, we take part in Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  We raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. We also participate in Lap 4 Life foundation events.  This organization is a non-profit organization created to raise money and awareness for Desmoid Tumors and Organ Transplant Research.