• Each week, our students are presented with a new math challenge.  Students can solve the problem and submit answers to receive special recognition from our math committee.  Good luck.

    To submit an answer - remember to: write your first and last name, your teacher’s name, label your answer, and turn it in by 12:00 p.m. on Thursday. Have Fun!!

    The current challenge:
    For Grades K-1, due Thursday, April 9

    Ms. Friedman’s class had 1 box of crayons.

    Mrs. Herman’s class had 2 boxes of crayons

    Mrs. Primavera’s class had 3 boxes of crayons.

    Each box has 10 crayons.

    How many crayons did all the Kindergarten teachers have in all?





    Past Challenges and winners:

    K - 1

    The crayons were on the table in a messy pile!  There were 2 purple crayons, 8 blue crayons, 10 green crayons, 4 red crayons, 6 yellow crayons, and 10 brown crayons all mixed together.  The teacher wants the crayons put back into small boxes.  Five crayons fit in each box.  How many boxes are needed to put away all these crayons?
    Susie reads 2 pages of her book on Monday.  She reads 4 pages on Tuesday.  She reads 6 pages on Wednesday.  If this pattern continues, how many pages will Susie have read by Sunday?
    Grades 4 and 5
    The area of Sam’s rectangular garden is 360 square feet. The garden is twelve feet wide. What is the length of fencing Sam will need to buy in order to fence in the garden completely on all four sides?
    Grades 2 and 3
    Santa needed to make 636 presents by Christmas Eve. He has 6 elves. How many presents will each elf need to make if they each make an EQUAL number for Santa?
    Grades K and 1
    Ms. McCann had 3 candy canes and Ms. Annunziata had 2 candy canes. Each candy cane had 5 red stripes. How many red stripes were on all the candy canes? If each candy cane had six stripes, how many stripes would there be altogether?
    Grades 4 and 5
    Apples are on sale this week for $1.40 per pound. If Jaline bought a pound and a half of apples and paid with a $5 bill, how much change would Jaline receive?

    Grades 2 and 3

    There were 5 turkeys on the farm.  Each turkey had 20 feathers.  If each turkey lost 10 feathers, how many turkey feathers were left?

    Grades K and 1

    Olivia went to the store. She bought 6 apples and 4 oranges. How many fruits did she buy altogether?

    Grades K and 1

    Sam had 7 hot dogs in the refrigerator. Then Sam bought two packages of hot dogs at the store. Inside each package were 10 hot dogs. How many hot dogs does Sam have now?
    Winners:    Ms.Skahen's class: Edmond,Zackerie, Matthew, Christopher, Marco, Marisabel, Aiden, Taylor, Owen, Jakob,Kayla, Amanda, Robert, Sophia, Morgan, and Reese
    Ms. Walker's class: Andrew,Shannon, Caelyn, James, Tyler, Thorny, and Isabella Ms. Primavera's class: Nicholas,Savannah, and Sarah
    Ms. Flood's class: Jordan,Nicholas, William, Brianna, Abigail, Kaiya, Madelyn, Bo, Brayden, Hailey,Natalie, Julian, TyJaheria, Jevin, Jacob, and Kevin
    Ms. Kedzielawa's class: Giovanni,Joshua, Maximus, Brandon, and Nasia

    Grades 2 and 3
    A pet store had 60 puppies. In one day they sold 35 of them. If each remaining puppy eats 2 bones a day, how many bones does the pet store need each day?
    Grades K and 1
    Hunter counted 32 daffodils in her garden.  Her mother said she could pick some to put in a vase, but she must leave 20 daffodils in the garden.  How many daffodils is Hunter allowed to pick from the garden?
    Winners:     Ms.Skahen's class: Zackerie, Matthew, Chelsea, Taylor, Jakob, Amanda, Anderson, and Robert
    Ms. Clark's class: James, Olivia, Isabella, Caelyn, Tyler, Amanda, Andrew, Kristina, Daniel, Thorny, Kaidyn, and Jaden
    Ms. Primavera's class: Blake and Savannah
    Ms. Flood's class: Kaiya, Jordan, Olivia, Bo, Kevin, Madelyn, TyJaheria, Elena, William, Anthony, Abigail, Sam, Natalie, Nicholas
    Ms. Kedzielawa's class: Joshua B., Max, Nasia, Brandon, Jeffrey, Dennis
    Grade 4 & 5                                                                                                                                                               
    Kayla skateboards 5 blocks west and 8 blocks north to get to her friend's house.  Each block is 1/8 of a mile in length.  How far does she travel in a round trip?
    Mr. Carter’s, Ms. Sosler’s, and Ms. Phillip’s class: John D. 
    Ms. Scott’s class: McCullen, Mikel, Sean, Ethan, and Zach 

    Grade 4 & 5
    The girl scouts were going on a field trip to the zoo.
      There are 25 people going. 
    They rented vans and each van has only 7 seat belts.  How many vans do they need?
    Mrs. Scott's class: Nicholas, Kaylee, McCullen, Zach, Kelly, Julie
    Mrs. Cook / Mrs. Doce's class: Ava, Madison V., Logan, Kayla, Allison, Daniela
    Ms. Flood's class: Taylor
    Mr. Carter's class: Kevin, Chase, Mya

    Grade 4 & 5
    If a movie was 2 hours long and you missed 30 minutes of it waiting on a colossal line for snacks, what fraction of the movie did you miss?

    Grades 2 and 3
    Jack wants to buy a scooter for $54.00.  His dad said he would loan him the money if he pays him back $6.00 a week.  How many weeks will Jack have to pay his dad?

    K & 1

    One snowy day, 14 students wore boots to school and put their boots in the closet.  How many boots were in the closet that day? 

     You may want to draw a picture to help you find the answer.

    Winners -

    In Ms. Skahen’s class:  Kayla, Sophia, Taylor, Lissenda, and Amanda

    In Mrs. Primavera’s and Mrs. Walker’s class:  Nick and Jesus

    and all of the students in Mrs. Kedzielawa’s class and Ms. Flood’s Kindergarten class correctly found the solution as a team!

    4 & 5 
    The teacher arranged the students’ chairs in rows with an equal number of chairs in each row.  How many students are in the class if 9 students remain standing after 3 rows of chairs are filled and 2 students remain standing after 4 rows of chairs are filled?
    Winners of this 4th and 5th grade challenge: JewelyAnna S. and Mya S.  Congratulations!
    K and 1
    A family group of ostrich hens lay their eggs in one nest.  The ostrich nest has 15 eggs in it.  If 5 eggs hatch, how many eggs will be left?
    K and 1 
    The egg hunt is tomorrow!  Peter and Jess are in charge of hiding the eggs.  They hide 3 eggs near the large oak, 7 eggs among the many daisies, 5 in a bale of hay, and 6 more are scattered in the tall grass by the barn.  How many eggs are hidden for the hunt?
    Winners of this challenge:

    In Ms. Primavera’s class:

    Abbey, Alex, Dorian, Gianna, James, Michael, and Thomas.

    Grades 4 and 5:

    Elise is baby-sitting for $7.00 per hour. Mr. & Mrs. Stuart plan to be out for 5 hours. Elise’s friend wants to come over and help out, so they will share the money. If they split the money evenly, how much will Elise get?

    Grades K and 1
    Hannah and Bill went to the store to buy Matchbox Cars.  Hannah bought 5 cars and Bill bought 4 cars.  How many cars did they buy in all?

    Grades K and 1
    During the month of December, Sammy read 15 books.  Shawn read 8 books.  How many more books did Sammy read than Shawn during the month of December?
    Winners of this challenge:

    In Ms. Nastasi’s class: Noah as well as the rest of the class working as a math team!

     In Ms. Primavera’s class: Abbey and Amanda

     All of the students in Ms. Bromm’s class

     In Ms. Skahen’s class: Mackenzie, Gillian, Liam, Kiera, Hunter, Aundre, Anthony, Douglas, Cadence, Zachary, Isabella, Cayden,  and Sal.

     In Ms. Kedzielawa’s class: Bryce, Jalyssia, Adrian, Candice, and Zachary worked together as a math team.

    Grades 2 and 3
    Miss Dot collected 54 pumpkins from her garden. She put 6 pumpkins in each basket. How many baskets of pumpkins will Miss Dot have altogether?


    Mrs. Stenhilber’s Class:

    Kaleigh, Alexia, John, Matthew, Nathaniel, Tmani, Devin

    Mrs. Scott’s Class: Ava and Andrew B.

    Mrs. Vermilyea’s Class: Tim, Justin, Jaeden, Olivia, Phoebe, Evan, Kaylah, Stella, Cheyenne, Sophia, Joseph.

    Mrs. Grammas/ Mrs. Crown: Grace

    Mrs. Hoyt’s Class: Zachariah, Lia, Jasmine, Trinity, Samantha, Jeffrey, Tyler, McCullen, Kayla

    Grades K and 1
    Miss Dot needs pumpkins for her Thanksgiving pies.  She picks 3 pumpkins in the first row, 5 pumpkins in the second row, and 2 pumpkins in the third row.  How many pumpkins does she have in all?
    Winners of this challenge - From Mrs. Bromm's class - Thorny, Jyles, Chris, Declan, Shannon, Matt, Taylor, Gavin, Brianna, Aiden, Reese, and Sophia; From Mrs. Herman's/Ms. Nastasi's class - THE ENTIRE CLASS!; From Ms. Hackett's class - Daniel, Jeremy, Chris, Christina, Claire, Kate, Angelina, Jnair, Sabrina, Kia, Sierra, Jayden, Armani, and John; from Mrs. Skahen's class - Mackenzie, Liam, Kiera, Anthony, Douglas, Zachary, Talia, and Salvatore

    Grades 2 and 3
    Ron has 42 cupcakes for his birthday.  He wants to split them into 7 equal groups.  How many cupcakes are in each group?  This challenge was contributed by Keith W. and John D.

    Grades K and 1
    Draw 17 triangles on a piece of paper.  Color six triangles blue.  Color three triangles red.  How many triangles are NOT colored?

    Grades 4 and 5
    Jane has some pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters that add up to $2.46 in her pocket.  If she has the same number of each coin, how many pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters does she have in her pocket? 

    Grades 2 and 3
    New Paltz got 12 inches of snow on Saturday and 6 inches of snow on Sunday.  Montgomery got 18 inches of snow on Saturday and 8 inches of snow on Sunday.  Which town got more snow?  How much more?

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