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    Patricia Behr
    Middle School Art
    I have always believed that art classes provide a creative outlet for a student to not only grow artistically but as a whole person. During the middle school years, our students are discovering and expressing their ideas, opinions and we can see the person that they are becoming.  The art curriculum in MS seeks to help this process of self-discovery.  Art in the Middle School also has the unique opportunity to allow the student much self reflection, and helps to build a good work ethic while challenging to think creatively and develop their problem solving skills. It does all this and it's fun, too!   While the high school classes seek to develop the artistic skill of the student, the middle school program seeks to help the student develop an interest and maybe even a passion for art while on the journey of discovery who they are and who they will become.  
    I taught at the HS for 25 years and have been with the MS since September 2012.    I had been the supervisor of the Middle School and High School art departments for 7 years.  In 2013, all special areas (Art, Music, Home and Career Skills, Physical Education, Technology, Health) were consolidated into one department, and I was the chairperson of that department until June 2015 when all department chairs were restored--so I'm happy to be just the MS Art Dept. Chair.   I have had a leadership role in curriculum development in both the MS and HS art departments and have served on the Accountability Task Force for the MS, HS and the District.  I have also been the head of Data Teams for both the MS and HS art department. I am also part of the MS Educational Council and served on the HS Educational Council as well. 
    It's exciting to have the opportunity to offer Studio Art at the Middle School for 8th graders. We have been working with Mrs. Langlitz at the HS to develop this advanced level course that will allow our students to take advanced courses as early as their freshmen year.    
    During my time as a faculty member of the HS, I have taught Studio Art, Art History, Photography, Advanced Photography, Fashion Illustration, Drawing Painting I, Drawing and Painting II, Portfolio Prep and AP Art. I have been a class advisor, and an advisor to the National Art Honor Society. I have been a mentor for secondary teachers and am part of the Accountability Task Force and the APPR committee.  
    I hold a Bachelor's and Master's in Art Education from SUNY College at Buffalo. I also completed an Administrative Leadership program at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and hold certification in school administration. Additionally, I have taken a variety of graduate hours beyond my Master's and Administrative studies.  As an artist, I have always been partial to painting and drawing preferring portraits and landscapes in oil, pastel and watercolor and have shown my work locally.  
    I am also active politically on educational issues at the local, state and national level as an officer of the Valley Central Teachers' Association for the last 22 years.  
    I can be reached at 845-457-2400, voice mail: 19373. and at patricia.behr@valleycentralschools.org