• Literacy Collaborative

     Literacy Consultant:

     Launa Kruithof (K-5)
    Phone: (845) 457-2400
    LC Office- 12005; LC Conference Room: 12007
    Voice Mail: 19560
    Email: launa.kruithof@valleycentralschools.org


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    Valley Central School District adopted a comprehensive school reformed literacy model ten years ago to improve reading, writing and language skills for K-5 students- Literacy Collaborative.  The essential component of this design and that has led to our success is long term professional development.  Each school has Literacy Consultants trained in research-based methods to provide on-site training for the teachers in their schools.  The unified goal of this comprehensive effort is to increase student achievement,  best literacy practices and the love of literature.


    Literacy Collaborative is an instructional program focused around intensive lessons and intentional teacher-student interactions. Its framework requires schools to schedule daily 2½ hour literacy blocks, with the time divided between reading, word study, and writing workshops. Employing both whole-class and small-group instruction, teachers engage students in a variety of explicit activities, including interactive read-aloud, shared-reading experiences, vocabulary and phonics lessons, guided reading and independent and guided writing, and independent work.



    Read more. http://www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=http://lesley.edu/crr/lc_intro.html&usg=AFQjCNE-BKm_qiDYJY2T8QZG5_PQ24xJgA
Last Modified on October 16, 2018