English Department Summer Reading Program 2020

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The New York State Education Department, along with educators across the state, developed the English Language Arts Curriculum for all students. This document is based on shared beliefs, including the belief that English Language Arts students must be exposed to regular and varied opportunities to read (25 books or their equivalent per year), write (1000 words or more per month), listen (daily), and speak (daily).
In an effort to accomplish this goal, the Valley Central English department has created a suggested reading list for high school students.
Parents and students can access this list here. This list includes a variety of specific titles appropriate for high school level readers. Please use this as a guide and realize that any age-appropriate reading material is acceptable. Books that are suggested may be found at many area bookstores and at our community libraries. We suggest that each student buy his/ her own copy of the book so that he/she can read at an appropriate pace, take notes on the pages, and underline/highlight important sections while reading.
As a means of rewarding motivated students who choose to take part in the summer reading program, the English department will be offering optional extra-credit during the first quarter for those students who can demonstrate an understanding of the piece that they have read. Grading for the summer reading will be as follows: one of the readings will be assessed through an oral exam to be given within the first five weeks of school. Each student will be required to make an appointment with his/her English teacher for the book discussion on the selected reading. The student will receive extra credit when he/she displays an understanding of the reading.
Please note that students needing any assistance with the Summer Reading Program may call the high school during regular summer hours at
845-457-2400 ext. 17525. A teacher will be available throughout the summer to answer any questions.