Joseph Bond elected as Board of Education President for 2020-21 School Year

The Board of Education met on July 6, 2020 for a Public Hearing of the  Annual Review of the Code of Conduct and Plain Language Summary followed by the Reorganizational and first Regular meeting of the 2020-21 Board of Education. 

A new clause is proposed for the Code of Conduct and the BOE will return to the matter at a later meeting for adoption. 

During the Reorganizational portion of the BOE meeting, Joseph Bond was elected unanimously as president and Sarah Messing was elected unanimously as vice president.  Committees/liaison assignments were also selected by BOE members.  Please see our BOE Member Profile page to view those assignments. 

At the close of the regular meeting, BOE President, Joe Bond made the following statement. 

“The BOE recognizes racial injustice and certainly knows that our community is not immune to this. The BOE is aware of the concerns of members of the community.  The BOE has the desire to support change and make sure that Valley Central is a fair and equitable environment for all students.  But the BOE also acknowledges that change will take time, so changes will be quick but other things will take more time. 

The BOE will use feedback from the Race and Equity committee to help us identify opportunities to change and we will use our resources to help us support the implementation of those changes. Change is a process.  The first two steps of change are awareness and desire, and this board has both of them.  And the next step is knowledge.  Right now, we are in the gathering stage of knowledge. We are committed to change, and we will do what we need to do to support that change.”